12 IFTTT Recipes Using New iOS Channels

    By Brittany Berger | Small Business

    12 IFTTT Recipes Using New iOS Channels image ifttt ios channels.jpgIFTTT mobile appOur regular readers know that we love IFTTT, a nifty service that lets you browse or create custom recipes to automate your web activities. We love it so much that we’ve shared our favorite recipes with you on our site and on other blogs.

    But even though several of IFTTT’s channels (supported services) were mobile apps like Foursquare and Instagram, and you could have IFTTT call or text you as part of a recipe if you entered your phone number, one thing IFTTT had always been lacking was its own mobile app.

    Well, iPhone users can celebrate, because IFTTT finally launched an iPhone app. Users of other mobile devices don’t need to be too disappointed, because the app will be coming to you guys soon.

    The IFTTT iPhone app allows you to create, browse, and manage your channels and recipes on the go in a beautifully simple interface. The app might now be my preferred way to manage my account.

    It also shows a handy little feed showing all of your account’s activities, from activating new recipes to deleting old ones. It also shows each triggering of a recipe. For example, I have a recipe logging my song history into an Evernote note, and each time it’s triggered, the recipe details and song details show up in the feed. Even the cover art is included!

    But the real power of the IFTTT app goes beyond managing your account. Downloading the app unlocks three new channels – which are native iPhone apps. You can now activate the channels for iOS Contacts, iOS Photos, and iOS Reminders. Support for more native iOS apps should be coming soon.

    For now, these channels can only be used for triggers, not actions. So unfortunately, you can’t automate something like saving a photo you were tagged in to your phone’s camera roll…yet. But there are multiple triggers for several channels.

    For Contacts, the only trigger is creating a new contact. But there are several available for both Photos and Reminders. For Photos, the triggers include taking a picture with the front or rear camera only, a new screenshot, or a new photo added to a specific album. For Reminders, you can choose between a new reminder created or completed, or one created or completed in a certain list.

    If you’re going to download the app or already have but haven’t taken advantage of these new channels yet, we have a few suggested recipes for you:

    12 IFTTT Recipes Using New iOS Channels image ifttt contacts recipes.jpgIFTTT iOS Contacts Recipes

    iOS Contacts Channel

    • Backup new contacts to a Google spreadsheet: Sure, there are lots of ways to back up your contacts, but you can never have too many! You never know when one of those methods will fail you.
    • Backup contacts in an Evernote note: Once again, better be safe than sorry. When it’s this insanely easy to backup your contacts, you might as well back them up a few times, just in case.
    • Create Google Calendar events for adding new contacts: Have you ever gone to follow up with someone after meeting them, only to forget where or when you met them? Knowing exactly what moment you added them to your contacts can make remembering a lot easier.

    12 IFTTT Recipes Using New iOS Channels image ifttt photos recipes.jpgIFTTT iOS Photos Recipes

    iOS Photos Channel

    • Upload iOS photos to Dropbox: The Dropbox app may give you a way to back up your photos, but only in a disorganized way. You can customize this recipe so that it’s only photos from one of your phone’s cameras or photos in a certain album. You can also put them all in a specified Dropbox folder.
    • Add screenshots to Dropbox: Once again, here’s a way to customize and organize a feature of the Dropbox app. This will take any screenshot you take on your iPhone and upload it to a specified Dropbox folder.
    • Email yourself a GIF of Colin Farrell looking really disappointed if you ever take a selfie: Some bad habits are hard to break, so you just need to give yourself a little push or negative reinforcement. This recipe will email you this picture with the subject line “Selfie? Really?!” whenever you take a picture with the phone’s front-facing camera. If you like, you can change it to a picture of a disappointed cat.
    • Upload photos added to a specific album to Facebook: This will take any photos in a specified album on your phone and upload them to a specified album on Facebook. You can’t customize the captions without going to the Facebook album itself, but it’s quick and easy.
    • Email photos added to a certain album to your mom: A great recipe for people who love sharing photos but forget to do so. You can have the recipe email the photo to anyone you want, but you can only enter a single address. Of course, you can replicate the recipe with different email addresses.

    12 IFTTT Recipes Using New iOS Channels image ifttt reminders recipes.jpgIFTTT iOS Reminders Recipes

    iOS Reminders Channel

    • Log completed reminders in Google Calendar: If you use this app for keeping track of professional tasks, or for anything else where dates and deadlines are important. It would even be useful if you’re trying to remember when you mailed that birthday card or last went food shopping.
    • Add Siri comments to an Evernote note: Think of this recipe as a Siri transcriber and a way to take voice notes. If you create a Reminders list called ‘Evernote,’ you can tell Siri to add an Evernote reminder, and then say whatever you need to.
    • Add iOS reminders to Google Calendar: This one is sort of the opposite of the first one. It created a Google Calendar event when you create a Reminder, rather than completing one.
    • Reward yourself for accomplishing things, Liz Lemon style: A new form of motivation in the form of receiving an email with a GIF of Liz Lemon high fiving a million angels every time you check an item off your Reminders list. Because who wouldn’t want this in a rewarding email?

    If you’ve already downloaded the IFTTT app, what recipes have you thought up for it? What channels are you looking forward to them adding? Share your ideas in the comments!

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