11 Tips For Engaging Customer Advocates

Your customers are some of your best brand advocates, but how can you motivate them to share and tell their friends about your brand? Recently we hosted a webinar with Netbase and provided 11 tips and best practices for connecting and engaging with customer advocates.

Invite your best customers to be advocates. When launching your customer advocate marketing program it’s important to identify your customers with the brand passion needed for them to be a true advocate as well as the social presence necessary to allow their voices to

Know your audience. Do you know what a brony is? How about what it means when someone says something is cray? Be aware of the language that your advocates are using. In the cases above, these are slang terms for teens. When you know your customers better, your marketing is better. 2The common vernacular is constantly changing and evolving, and it’s important that your brand stay on top of these in order to better understand your audience to improve marketing programs, as well mine advocates data for insights.

Customers are always on. Customers will always be talking about your brand; whether you power those customers also to become advocates is a different story. It’s important to keep this in mind as you launch your advocate marketing programs. Aim to build lasting relationships with your advocates – just like you wouldn’t turn off your Facebook page you can’t turn off your advocate program.

For the 9 other tips for connecting and engaging with customer advocates – watch the webinar recording below. You can also download our newest ebook The 6 Step Customer Advocate Marketing Handbook to learn how to motivate and scale customer advocates to grow your business.

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