11 Tips for Beating Bloggers Block

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11 Ways to Beat Bloggers Block

What do you do when you can’t think of anything to write for your blog? That terrible feeling of bloggers block can unsettle even the most proficient writer. The good news is that I have 11 tips for getting over bloggers block and getting your creative juices flowing again.

1. Your Favourite Blogs Post.

Search out blogs in your niche and collect together a few favourite posts from them. Then write a short paragraph about each of the posts with a link to the full post. Call your post something like “My Favourite Posts from Last Month”.

This has two big benefits. Firstly it’s really easy to write! and secondly it will bring you to the attention of the other blog owners (especially if you let them know that you’ve written about their blog post). They may link back with a comment or you may find other ways that you can work together. A win/win for everybody.

Also, if you make this a monthly item on your blog then that’s 1 post every month that’s taken care of very easily.

2. Look back over your own blog and comment on your favourite posts.

This is also easy to write as you only really need a brief paragraph on each post and it also allows you to link back to older posts. That’s good for SEO and also gets you some extra use out of older blog posts.

3. Anniversary Dates

Every day there is a significant anniversary of some event. You may be able to link your blogs subject to that anniversary and create an interesting post. You can find some great examples on this website with it’s list of historical anniversary days.

Awareness days are also useful for these types of blog posts. You can search for up and coming awareness days at this website. http://www.national-awareness-days.com/

4. Famous Birthdays

Famous birthdays that tie in nicely to the theme of you blog are a gift for writing a blog post. You simply write about the person with the birthday and highlight the link they have to your subject. Just type Famous Birthdays into Google and you’ll soon have list.

5 FAQ posts

This is a great one for business blogs. You simply write a blog posts that lists the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about your business, your products and your market.

6. Lists!

Writing lists type blog posts are a lot easier to write than most other types of blog posts. You simply need to think of a list of things that would interest your readers and then list them! This blog post is a classic example of a list blog post!

7. Write a How To Guide

You are probably an expert (or at least very knowledgeable) about the theme of your blog. Can you write a “How To Guide” to help people new to your subject? By the way, sometimes you can write the article from the other direction and write a “How NOT to Guide”.

8. Review YouTube videos

Can you find a video on YouTube that is relevant to your blog and of interest to your readers? I sure you can. So why not write a review of the video and why you like it. Then you can embed the video into your blog post and you have a very compelling post.

9. Ask your readers for questions

Ask your readers and customers what questions they would really like to know the answer to and answer them! You can also use this to get other experts to give their answers to these questions. That way most of the writing is done for you.

10. Surveys

Run a survey about something of interest to your readers and then you can blog about the results. This is a great post to invite comment to as people will either want to agree or disagree with the findings. There are a number of great survey service out there (eg: surveymonkey.com).

11. Carry a note book at all times

You will have ideas for future blogs posts in some of the weirdest places. Never let those ideas get forgotten so always have a note book handy into which you can jot down the idea. That notebook will become a source of many future blog posts.

So, do you have any tips for beating bloggers block? Please post your ideas below. I’d love to hear them

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