10 Tips for PR Pros Seeking GigaOM Placements

At a recent Lunch & Learn session, guest speakers from GigaOM – one of the most credible and insightful voices at the intersection of business and technology – shared with attendees the latest news from the GigaOM family.

The speakers included Allison Parker, director of corporate communications for GigaOM; Neil Schuster, business development consultant for GigaOM Research; and Jack Brown, vice president of sales at GigaOM. If you’re not familiar with GigaOM, here’s the rundown.

10 Tips for PR Pros Seeking GigaOM Placements image IMG 3738 small 300x22510 Tips for PR Pros Seeking GigaOM PlacementsSince 2006, GigaOM (www.gigaom.com) has grown into the leading independent voice on emerging technologies and the disruption of media. The GigaOM news network’s online audience of 5.5 million monthly unique readers relies on its definitive coverage of cloud, mobile, clean-tech, consumer web and media. GigaOM Events bring together the people innovating, shaping and defining the ongoing evolution of the technology industry. GigaOM Pro offers the highest quality research and analysis of emerging technology markets and the companies making a difference in those sectors.

Allison, Neil and Jack shared with the group how technology companies can tap into the editorial, events and research opportunities offered by GigaOM. This post focuses on information from Allison, who shared 10 tips for PR people looking to get some GigaOM ink. Here they are:

1) Read our site and understand how we cover the business of technology. Look at our editorial team bios and click through to see your target reporter’s latest tweets, latest stories and a list of the topics they cover. Really get to know their style.

2) Bring us a market opportunity. We don’t do product reviews or consumer-focused stories. We care about how an emerging technology will upend an industry or how old technology is being used in a new way to create an entirely new market.

3) GigaOM is one of few sites that really cares about the “geeked out technology” part of your story. We want to know about the disruptive part of the technology and how it’s disrupting a market.

4) Check to see if we’ve covered your company before and then pitch that reporter. If not, send your pitch to news@gigaom.com and it will get routed to the right person.

5) Stick to email, not the phone. We all use cell phones and don’t have a general office land line. If a reporter wants to follow up, he/she call you for more information.

6) If you have news, send it all in one email rather than sending a teaser. We’re a lot less likely to respond to a teaser and more likely to respond to the whole story.

7) Write shorter pitches, and send them only once. If you *must* resend, reply to the original email so we have it all in one thread.

8) Please don’t send us schwag.

9) Play fair with us on embargoes and exclusives and we will play fair with you. Be honest with us.

10) Last, but definitely not least… be interesting! If you don’t believe your pitch has legs, then neither will we.

Hopefully this information from Allison helps you earn some ink for your technology company!

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