10 Steps to Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

Do you want to be an industry that is rapidly growing, where you are your own boss, and allows you to make some money on the side? Affiliate marketing makes all of these things possible; it is one of the largest sources of traffic for brand and a large income supplier for marketers.

Where to Begin

The first step on your quest to becoming an affiliate is to decide which method your will be using. These methods include websites, blogs, Social Media, and PPC (Pay-per-click).

Each one with its own advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on what product/service you are going to be promoting.


With any new adventure, education should be at the forefront of priorities. Read various blogs or forums that discuss the affiliate industry. It is constantly changing, so the research process will be a continuous one.


Selecting a niche is often one of the hardest steps but the most important; it will determine the direction of your whole campaign.  Research different niches and how they rank on competition, marketability, and keyword volume.

Choosing a niche that you are passionate about will make your life much easier because you already have a lot of knowledge about it. Also the work wouldn’t seem tedious because you actually enjoy the subject.

Also you can decide whether to be an authority on one niche or have a bunch of micro blogs on different niches.


Every business needs a vision to guide it forward; goals need to be determined from the beginning. The minimum your business plan should include are budgets, deadlines, and forecasts.

The better structured your business plan is the smaller chance you have in deviating from it.

Spend Money to Make Money

There may be some initial expenses that will be incurred depending on the path you choose. Some common expenses are purchasing a domain and hosting.

Also if you are less technical, the use of freelancers may be very helpful. You can hire freelancers all different area to help you with your site. This method is much cheaper than hiring full-time employees.

Affiliate Programs

You want to select an affiliate network that includes your niche, first of all. Next you should look at their commission rates and models (CPA, CPC, and CPI).

Support is a key factor in choosing an affiliate program, be sure they are available and are easily approachable if you have questions or concerns. Many programs also offer a lot of promotional materials; compare networks to see which ones offer the best amount of quality marketing tools.


The most popular method of getting traffic is either through PPC or SEO. It used based solely on keywords but now with the updated algorithm, it focuses in on intent.

Link building is crucial as well, especially when it comes to social media traffic. Using social networks is one of the best methods to linking to your material. Content generation is also a great method, you want the users to find you based on your quality content rather then you going out and finding them.


Once you begin generating targeted traffic you want that traffic to convert into sales. Constantly testing your pages will lead to a better, more profitable site.

Always be looking for opportunities to monetize your website real estate, without becoming too overwhelming for the user.

Measure Results

Allow your campaign at least month to breathe and then begin to look at your progress. Compare your results to those in your business plan.

Look at areas for improvement and where you are surpassing your expectations.  Remember if you are doing something that you can’t measure, you shouldn’t be doing it at all.


Look back at your experience, are you satisfied with it? Are you getting the same results you were planning on or are you above or below expectations? Are you getting bonuses? Are you ready for a new niche?

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