10 Fascinating Facts for Marketers

    By Brian Morris | Small Business

    Is marketing fun? Certainly it is when it works.  The collaboration between the analytical and creative processes that meld to craft outstanding marketing materials is one of humankind’s most intriguing relationships. They’re peanut butter and jelly, cookies and cream, each good on its own but absolutely delicious together.

    The people who analyze marketing enjoy numbers. They love to study data in order to make predictions – predictions that yield profits. The people who craft the designs – the creatives – are thrilled to employ their artistic natures to stir emotion. When paired, the two spur action and motivate profits.

    So yes, I would say, for most involved (at least, those who are successful), marketing is fun. And guess what? Marketing is fun for the customers, too, when done right.

    And here are 10 fun facts those in the marketing spectrum can employ as conversation fodder at the next office luncheon. Follow each of the links for more fun marketing facts.

    10 Fascinating Facts for Marketers image facts10 Fascinating Facts for Marketers

    1. Percent of adults who frequently use social media? 91
    2. Movie theaters markup the price of popcorn by an average of 1,275 percent
    3. More than half of all branded emails are opened on mobile devices
    4. If a customer has a positive experience with your company, they’ll tell 15 people about it, on average. If they have a positive experience? They’ll tell 24
    5. Number of Mickey Mouse-related products sold per day? More than 5 million
    6. Though Aaron Montgomery Ward is often credited with sending the first modern mail-order catalog in 1872, it was Benjamin Franklin who first profited from the idea in 1774
    7. Nearly half of all marketers (47 percent) say Facebook is overrated as a marketing tool
    8. Nearly 80 percent of social media gamers have a college degree – and half of them are over 40 years old
    9. 74 percent of people who have smartphones use them for shopping
    10. The now-famous “1984” Apple commercial was directed by Ridley Scott of “Alien” fame

    How many of these marketing facts did you know? What other interesting facts about marketing do you know? Share them with us in the comments!

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