Yahoo Small Business

We recently announced that Verizon will acquire Yahoo's operating business, and, as part of that, Yahoo Small Business. This deal is expected to close in Q1 2017. Please visit our blog for updates.

Questions you may have

We recently announced that Verizon will acquire Yahoo's operating business. This deal is expected to close in Q1 2017, so right now everything remains the same, and your Yahoo Small Business team is unchanged.

Please stay tuned for further announcements, and thank you for being a part of Yahoo Small Business!

Long story, short: We had to move all sites and servers off of the Yahoo domain as part of the previously planned spin preparations. At the time, was our planned product brand. You may see the domain used for some time.

We do not have plans to change the prices for our products and services in association with the rebrand.

We are moving away from Aabaco Small Business gradually. You may still see Aabaco Small Business on your invoices until we complete this change.

Business Mail will continue to be powered by Yahoo Mail. The functionality you have today will either remain the same or see improvements. You will have access to past emails sent and retain your sub-account email addresses as you have already set them up. We also anticipate no changes to the way you access your business email mailboxes.

There are no planned changes for Yahoo SiteBuilder or Site Solution associated with the rebrand.

If you are a SiteBuilder user, you need to download a new version of SiteBuilder starting November 15, 2015. This new version is available here.

Of course. Please contact us at Please do not send personally identifiable information via email. If you have specific product or account questions, please contact Customer Care, as you normally would.

Please also see our extended, product specific Questions and Answers.