Case Study
Hockey Monkey gets the jump on cross-selling with the help of Merchant Solutions.
Hockey Monkey opened its doors in 1999, and within a year, this exclusive ice hockey boutique went from a quaint little brick-and-mortar store in Southern California, to a global brand that outfitted millions of athletes, in four different sports, all over the world. Hockey Monkey now conducts 80% of its business online and reaches $35 million in annual sales. One key component to Hockey Monkey’s astronomical success was the implementation of Merchant Solutions’ Cross-Sell tool which boosted annual sales by $300,000.
Cross-Selling is a win-win situation

“There’s one simple reason our revenue jumped,” says Tom Barr, Ecommerce Director of Hockey Monkey, “customers discovered something extra that they needed, or wanted, as they were checking out. It's that simple.” And he's absolutely right. Cross-selling is simple. And smart.

“Let’s say someone's shopping for a stick on Hockey Monkey, you better believe that they’ll be reminded a few times to also get some tape and a few pucks,” says Barr. Cross-Sell also serves up alternative products to what's already in the customer's cart. Sometimes this feature up-sells a product. Other times it creates additional purchases. Regardless, it’s all about quality customer service. And that’s why customers come back again and again.

Setting the business up for success

From the moment Hockey Monkey decided to go online, the company searched for an ecommerce platform that would be extremely stable, scalable, and would allow them to do significant amounts of customization.

“Choosing to launch your business with Merchant Solutions is the way to go,” says Barr. “You don't have to deal with setting up your own infrastructure, learning about–and implementing–an ecommerce platform and dedicated servers, or worry whether or not your shopping cart and payment method is 100% reliable and secure.”

Going pro
“The Yahoo platform helped us look right,” says Barr, as he reflects back to their early days of being online. He notes how quickly public perceptions are formed based on the way a company’s website looks and functions. “There are certain features people expect to see from a tier-one website. And if they're not there, people don’t take you seriously.”
Reviewing plays and adjusting strategy
One thing Barr quickly discovered from the analytic reports was that a lot people consistently misspelled product names. After he added alternate spellings on the backend, customers starting finding what they were looking for, and sales soared.

“We’d have a hard time moving off the Yahoo platform,” Barr professes, “so many things are taken care of for you that it makes doing business online really, really simple.” Barr says Merchant Solutions is a great product for businesses to start with—and grow with. “I don’t see any real limit to how you can expand the Yahoo store.”

It seems like Hockey Monkey has developed a solid game plan that leads to success time and time again. And no matter what play they choose to execute, Merchant Solutions will always be there, cheering them on.

“Merchant Solutions is a great way to get your business up and running, and be stable, from day one... on a reliable platform that you'll never really outgrow.”
— Tom Barr, CMO, Hockey Monkey
At a glance


Product Used: Merchant Solutions

Highlighted Feature: Cross-Sell

Results: Implemented cross-selling for hockey gear and generated an annualized increase in revenues close to $300,000.

An automated feature that analyzes visitor browsing patterns and order history on a website, then logically recommends products to customers. It also allows you to customize which products you promote together based on the shopping experience you want for your customers.
By encouraging shoppers to purchase additional items during checkout, the Cross-Sell feature helped Hockey Monkey to significantly increase its revenue.