In New York, restaurant taps Instagram users to create a visual menu

With the average diner likely to head out to eat with a smartphone in their pocket, it’s no surprise to see restaurants taking advantage of this. Your Smart Butler has already paved the way towards customers ordering meals on their handsets, and New York eatery Comodo is now tapping into the social side of things, with its Instagram Menu.

Knowing that foodies love to share their current meals on the popular photo-sharing service, the restaurant is encouraging customers to document their Comodo visit on the social network. By tagging their photos with #comodonyc, diners create a crowdsourced visual menu of the venue’s offerings. While the restaurant runs the risk of having its dishes publicly criticized, it will be able to gain feedback from comments and ‘like’ numbers. Given the platform’s reputation for artsy photography, the ‘menu’ will also serve to advertise its dishes. The video below explains the idea behind the campaign:

Comodo has harnessed the talents of amateur photographers and food lovers to help give customers a visual idea of their menu. How else could existing social media activity be leveraged to the advantage of your business?


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