My Yogurt Tells Me Stories: Content Marketing Beyond The Sale

My Yogurt Tells Me Stories: Content Marketing Beyond The Sale image label content marketingMy Yogurt Tells Me Stories: Content Marketing Beyond The Sale

It’s snack time. I’m currently eating a Siggi’s yogurt. Well…apparently it’s not really yogurt. It’s more like an Icelandic skyr.

Before eating a Siggi’s I had no idea what “skyr” even was.

So how do I know it’s skyr? Because it told me.

Both the front and reverse side of the label tell a story. The front of the label is how I got this yogurt in my fridge in the first place.

Rather, that’s how my girlfriend got the yogurt in the fridge. She’s a dietitian. And although I feel as though I can live off of cheese, bacon and coffee (I add condensed milk to mine making it even more “nutritious”)…she seems to think otherwise.

The label told enough of a story to get her interest. No additives, preservatives, sugar, etc. It was compelling enough to be willing to pay a premium for the product. Can’t put a price on health after all, right?

But the reverse side of the label (which you can see in the image) is where the real genius is. I know because I got a text one day telling me to grab a Siggi’s out of the fridge and read the inside of the label.

By the way, connect with her on LinkedIn, maybe she’ll help you kick your bacon addiction too.

So this got me thinking…

Content Marketing Goes Far Beyond Online

When talking about content marketing most people think of it in terms of online content. On occasion offline content marketing is discussed in terms of publications.

But that’s a very limited view.

This situation is proof that the potential to create and share content is pretty much everywhere. You just have to be open to seeing it.

Content Marketing Goes Beyond the Sale

Few things are as important as sales in business. So it’s no surprise that the majority of the focus when it comes to creating content for business is in reference to driving sales.

But it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) stop after the sale.

In this case the sale happened at the store. But the additional content was delivered after the fact.

Something like this not only adds value but also builds brand loyalty – creating more sales in the future.

Stories Give You Something to Talk About

Let’s face it…talking about a dude from Iceland who missed home and made this product is more fun than talking about how my yogurt has good bacteria so it’s good for my stomach.

It’s also more exotic. Oh, you eat Yoplait? I eat Iceland skyr!

That’s probably part of the reason I received the text. But you can ask her..

Of course the other reason for the label excitement is…

There Can Be Value in Novelty

The idea of content inside the actual product isn’t something new. Snapple gives fun facts on the inside of their bottle caps. Magic Hat Brewery gives little words of wisdom in a similar fashion.

But this is something new for the yogurt world. I don’t see any other yogurt companies doing this (of course I’m no yogurt aficionado so correct me if I’m wrong).

It’s easy to write off these other companies as not having an interesting story to tell. But that just wouldn’t be true. Everyone has an interesting story. It’s just a matter of finding the right angle. Want help finding yours? Contact me.

Telling a story on the inside label is just plain cool. And doing something different further gives people a reason to talk about you.

The Real Lesson

You may not have a cool product like “skyr.” And you may not have a cool name like “Siggi.”

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have something interesting to share and a whole range of interesting places to share it. How much white space do you have on your business card?

Want to create a killer content marketing strategy? Let’s work together.

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