Yahoo Acquires Tumblr – Reactions Mixed

    By Dave Conklin | Small Business

    Yahoo Acquires Tumblr   Reactions Mixed image tumblr reactionYahoo Acquires Tumblr Reactions Mixed

    Yahoo buys Tumblr, promises not to “mess it up”

    As part of her effort to bring Yahoo out of the shadows and back into the limelight of search, Yahoo’s CEO has acquired Tumblr.

    Many of the best marketing agencies and industry experts say that this is part of Yahoo’s recent efforts to “be cool” and appeal to younger audiences. Yahoo has been losing market share in the search industry for some time because it is increasingly irrelevant to younger users and slow to adapt to changes and advances in the fast-paced world of web searches.

    Tumblr is a unique blog-style platform where users can choose between several different days to publish their content. Users can then follow other users, “like” content, leave comments, and reblog things they want to share with their followers.

    Changes on the horizon

    Already Yahoo has said that it will be implementing sponsored posts which will appear very similar to the typical content in a user’s feed, much like ads currently do on networks like Facebook. Users will be able to interact with these ads much as they would a typical Tumblr post; they will be able to like or reblog them as well as clicking on them to leave the site in search of whatever content awaits them at the other end of the ad’s link.

    In an effort to keep things as normal as possible, Yahoo has retained Tumblr’s CEO and has not overtaken the Tumblr structure just yet.

    What do these changes mean for the future of Tumblr?

    Over the past year Tumblr’s userbase has been growing steadily and currently boasts hundreds of millions of active users.

    Within minutes of the announcement of Tumblr’s acquisition by Yahoo, over 70,000 users were making the switch to rival platforms. This doesn’t seem like a good sign – it looks almost as though in trying to reach and engage their target audience, Yahoo is in fact pushing them away.

    The question of how long this trend will continue could very well determine how many brands stay on Tumblr if they already have an established presence there, or how many new brands join Tumblr now that news is spreading of the decline of its userbase. You may have to ask yourself is Tumblr is still a viable option for your brand? Every brand is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer for this one.

    Your takeaway

    Tumblr is a very unique social channel with a large number of active users. These users are typically tech-savvy young people and likely make up a large portion of the target audience of many brands. Because of the recent acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo you might need to approach this one with caution until you see how the changes Yahoo is making are going to affect your ability to market to your audience effectively.

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