Are You Writing Press Releases for These Content Types?

By Chris Sturk, Managing Editor, Mequoda

Press releases and publicists should not be confined in their efforts. The Internet has made public relations anything but traditional, and because of that, the approach to executing PR campaigns is further reaching.

For instance, press releases can be created and distributed for an array of content. The following suggestions should be considered by online publicists while working to reach new audience members.

-Live Events: Depending on your distribution type, there is a typically an option for notifying news organizations in specific locations, so you can directly target the desired area. This way you are more apt to interest local people. When creating press releases for live events, be sure to work with a lead-time of at least six weeks and include all the pertinent event information in the release (time, date, location, speakers, activities, etc.).

-Free Products: The power of free is remarkably beneficial in obtaining new audience members. Whether it’s a free report, podcast or video, you should always follow up the release of free products with keyword-rich press releases.

-New Products: Utilizing an optimized press release offers the best chance of selling to people not currently in your buyer file.

-Research Studies: Research studies are valuable to organizations other than your own, and because of this, can gain a lot of attention from other media outlets.

-Featured Email Articles: Social media sites, bookmarking sites and email are great avenues for highlighting your best content. Creating an informative press release describing the article and its content is yet another method for garnering more attention.

Mequoda Group's Managing Editor, Chris Sturk compiles, edits and publishes posts on the Mequoda Daily blog. Mequoda Group offers consulting services for publishers on content marketing, online publishing, search engine optimization, email newsletter marketing, editorial management, landing page best practices, social media optimization and online business management. 


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