World’s Most Expensive Homes [Infographic]

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    Worlds Most Expensive Homes [Infographic] image Most Expensive Home Insurance FINAL 780Worlds Most Expensive Homes [Infographic]

    As you know, real estate comes in all forms and sizes and, sometimes, it even has the form of an astounding castle, fit to a queen, or of a billionaire mansion, the perfect “little” house every rich man loves. No matter who’s the owner, if he or she has an unbelievable piece of property, you can assume there are a lot of millions involved in the story.

    Inspired by this idea and to help every curious person out there, we created a complete infographic with the theme “The world’s most expensive homes”. This is a list of the most amazing properties on the entire planet, the kind that you only see in the movies or if you are doing some sightseeing in a different country.

    In this super cool infographic, you can discover why the Queen of England is… well, the queen of this list. Starting with the Buckingham Palace, which is worth £5 billion (yes, we’re not joking), and ending in the “humble” Balmoral Castle, the Queen of England is the biggest property owner in the world. Then, the list also counts with the presence of distinguished billionaires and millionaires like the Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich, the founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner or the Yemeni businessman Mukesh Ambani, the richest man currently living in Asia.

    With our list, you can find out how much these properties are worth, how many rooms there are in each one, when were they built and also their amazing features like big pools, tennis courts, bowling alleys, gyms or even zoos. This infographic can even tell you the major events that branded each property’s history, like the fire that partially destroyed the Windsor Castle in 1992. But it’s time to stop talking and rather checking all the interesting information our infographic “The World’s Most Expensive Houses” has to show!


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