Words Are Powerful Things

Words Are Powerful Things image the power of words 2 232x3001Words Are Powerful ThingsWords are powerful things! I’m not sure when I first realized this, but I know this: the longer I live, the more clearly I see how powerful our words are. A word can start a war, or end a war. A word can cause the beginning of a friendship or the end of a relationship. Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to be writing about “powerful titles” and “words to make your post go viral” and maybe even “words that convert visitors into customers”. But just allow me to spend a few lines today talking about these little “chunks” we call words, and tell you a bit why I think words are powerful things.

Why do I say “Words are Powerful Things”?

  1. Words carry the lion’s share of responsibility for taking something that it’s my heart/mind, and turning it into something that another person can identify with. You can try to do it by silently gesturing and making faces. And, honestly, you’ll be able to communicate a LOT that way! But what’s behind a smile? Words Are Powerful Things image the power of words 3 300x1661Words Are Powerful ThingsWhat’s behind a tear? If the laugh-er or cry-er will put it into words, you’ll have at least a fighting chance at getting to the meaning behind the gestures, faces, tears and laughter. We’ve got to admit those words are powerful little things.
  2. Words last a long time. Oh man, this is a sword that cuts both ways, isn’t it?! There’s that piece of advice (those words) that you shared with a friend (or your child) that you really hoped would stay with them for a long time. But there’s that other little sound-bite, that thing you flippantly wrote or said, and you’re hoping like crazy that the people that heard it and saw it will quickly forget.
  3. Words can begin a healing process, or deepen the hurt.
    O.K., now I’ve strayed a LONG way from the normal Words Are Powerful Things image words are powerful things 300x2631Words Are Powerful Thingsrealm of content marketing. Hurting and healing?! But think about it. Words really ARE powerful, aren’t they? I mean, to hear someone say “I’m sorry”, can make a huge difference, can’t it?

Quotes about Powerful Words

Have you ever looked at some of the cool quotes that end up featured on someone’s board at Pinterest? Great stuff! I even found two boards dedicated with the title “Words are Powerful Things“. How ’bout that!

Man, I almost feel like I’m going to pollute this post if I bring in a marketing ‘angle’ to all of this, so I’ll just let it ride. I think you all know how to apply the power of words to the effectiveness of marketing.

How about you? Leave a comment below, or a quote that you like that shows you that words are powerful things.

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