Use WordPress and Avoid the Garbage Truck Risk

Use WordPress and Avoid the Garbage Truck Risk. image wordpress garbage truck 300x240Use WordPress and Avoid the Garbage Truck Risk.One aspect of small business ownership that flies under the radar is what I call the “garbage truck” risk.

What the heck does that mean?

Let me explain. I have worked with several small businesses with limited budgets and need to get the most from their resources. One common “thread” with all of them was their susceptibility to a risk they did not initially see. I remember consulting for a company who had but one part-time developer who initially created their website and was the sole-resource for updating it and making any necessary changes/fixes. As a company with a handful of employees and annual sales in the 5 million dollar range, they needed to be very smart about how they spent their dollars.

The “Garbage Truck” Risk Enters

One of the hidden issues which was not being addressed was risk. This is where my “garbage truck” analogy comes into play. Due to the fact they had a single developer who created their website from scratch (on an platform), they had but one person who could conceivably make changes and fix any issues in an acceptable amount of time.

Could they hire another developer? Yes, but that would only get them so far. After years of development, their websites became extremely unique and only their developer could handle any major website development tasks. A new developer with experience could be hired but would only understand roughly 20% of the sites functionality.

Having a full 60 hours a week in development salary is also quite expensive.

Back to the garbage truck. What happens if their developer “got hit by a garbage truck” and could not work for them anymore? Who could they bring in immediately to understand the unique structure of their website, maintain it and fix any unforeseen issues?

Uhhh…Houston, we have a serious problem.

Unfortunately, in my experience, many small businesses fall prey to this scenario. If any one person, who has unique knowledge and expertise that only he/she has, leaves the company, “cracks” begin to develop. Tasks begin to get dumped on to other employees who have absolutely no experience whatsoever in dealing with them. Efficiency begins suffer.

Now this scenario can occur in all aspects of a business. When it comes to the platform used to build a website, there is a well-established solution for those companies who do not have the proper resources needed to develop and maintain a website built from scratch. The solution is WordPress.

Why WordPress?

In short, there is a huge community of developers, WordPress users, theme creators, plugin developers and other WordPress-specific experts that you have at your disposal if you choose WordPress. By simply using WordPress as your platform, you inherently open yourself up to an extremely large community of people who can help you. You are no longer restricted to the knowledge of a single developer who created your site using unique code.

As a result, if you hired a WordPress developer to build your website, and he/she unfortunately happens to get in front of that garbage truck, you can quickly find someone to fill his/her shoes. If your website platform is built using WordPress, you will be able to bring in other developers who can quickly look over your website and be able to “pick up the pieces” and continue on with your development needs.

This vast WordPress community is reason enough to choose WordPress for your website’s platform. By doing so, you open yourself up to a huge resource of WordPress specialists and reduce your risk of falling victim to the “garbage truck”.

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