Word of Mouth Marketing: It’s About Street Smarts Not Rocket Science, Stupid

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In business, it doesn’t matter how your product is going to change the world (everyone’s does), how stellar a job the design firm you hired did on your website/blog (although, come on, do I really need to say this helps a ton?), or how awesome your start-up environment is with your flip flops and relaxed schedule. Which allows for taking afternoon trips to get Froyo (frozen yogurt) without any lip from your bosses. Except for, “Hey, grabbing me one right?”

This article from Clarity helps break down the methodology of word of mouth. Because, if you can’t get people to become aware of your product — like actually knowing it exists — then you’re just sitting there hoping people stumble across it. If you’re a smaller company, and don’t have a huge marketing budget, you need to spread the word organically. I would not bet my rent money, health insurance, or taking girls on a date; by relying on someone just “stumbling” across the product I’ve created to become my livelihood.  (more…)

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