The Wonders of Santa Claus [Infographic]

    By Brian Wallace | Small Business

    The magic of Christmas has given way to tablets, 3D televisions, effectively erasing the belief in old Santa Claus. Kids these days don’t even pretend to believe in Santa anymore, and after all, how could they? Basic logic tells us that it is entirely impossible for a man to deliver gifts to every house in the world, let alone on a flying sleigh with reindeer. And how about all the homes without chimneys? I suppose Santa is just supposed to commit a B&E and risk the law so you can get your Etch A Sketch?

    The best we can do is try to keep the Christmas spirit alive via cold hard facts. Reminding our kids that YES Santa brings us our gifts so they better watch out and they better not pout. So let’s address the timing issue by visiting Einstein’s theory of relativity that time runs at different rates. That paired with the technological advancements of jetpacks, Santa has more than enough to visit those six million odd houses every hour. And if that’s not enough for your own little Einsteins, you can throw them the Santa’s bag curveball. Santa’s bag, you see, isn’t magic at all, that would just be absurd. It contains a wormhole that connects directly to his factory site in the north pole.

    And if that’s still not enough, take a look at this infographic for more undeniable proof of Santa. If your kids still don’t buy it, well, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. In that case, you’ll just have to cancel Christmas.

    The Wonders of Santa Claus [Infographic] image physics of santa infographic2The Wonders of Santa Claus [Infographic]

    How does Santa create and deliver gifts to all the children in the world? Christmas Tree Market has put the wonders and science of Santa and his helpers into a visual guide to show you the Physics of Santa Claus. There’s a lot of work that goes into the production, storage, and delivery of Christmas gifts – so be sure to show thanks to Santa and his elves by leaving cookies next to your Christmas tree!

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