On Wondering Why

I’m not wondering why the sky is blue. I already know that. You probably do too. I’m not wondering why thunder takes time to arrive after lightning is seen. I already know that. And you probably do too. There are lots of very scientific and very well proven answers to a great many “why” questions. And “Why” can be a very powerful question as I wrote about in a previous blog post. But tonight I’m wondering why about some other things.

Why, for example, are we so reticent in asking for help from other people? Why do we bang our heads against walls doing something we don’t really know how to do well? Why do we spend inordinate amounts of time doing something that others could do for us in a jiffy? Why do we undertake projects that subsequently require experts to come in to complete or repair? And typically at considerable extra cost compared to what it would have taken to hire someone to do the job right the first time.

I know I do it sometimes. I bet you do too. And there are lots of reasons for it. I got an email today that listed many of them:

- You won’t invest in yourself.
- You have too many excuses.
- You have too many mindset issues.
- You don’t think long term.
- You can’t afford their fees.
- You want a discount on their fees.
- You don’t pay on time.
- You whine about the work being too hard.

The sender of this email ostensibly wanted me to be angry at people – not them, of course – who characterize me like this. But that sender really wanted to make me feel guilty for not subscribing to their service because of those reasons. I’m still not sure how angry I am, if at all, at people who think I fall into the categories listed above or whether I’m really angry at this attempt to manipulate me. I am myself, after all, someone who could wonder why you haven’t engaged my services yet. Is it for one of the above reasons?

I’m wondering why someone would send me an email trying to make me feel guilty instead of pointing out the benefits I’d get from using their services. I’m wondering why they think I’m stupid enough to be manipulated like this. I’m wondering why they think people will respond to this kind of email. And I’m wondering why a lot of people probably will.

Are you wondering why about something? Please share it with us. And thanks for reading.

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