You Won’t Believe What All The Obsolete iPhone 5 Handsets Could Build

    By David Cross | Small Business

    You Won’t Believe What All The Obsolete iPhone 5 Handsets Could Build image howmuch55miliphonesWhat Can 55 Million iPhone 5 Handsets Could Build

    Well, Apple fiends, the day has come—your iPhone 5, the once newest and greatest iPhone product ever, has been bricked (in some people’s minds), pushed aside, made obsolete. This week, the scion of smartphone products announced its latest iPhone, the 5S. This occasion lead the Movoto Real Estate bloggers to ask: What is going to happen to all those old, bricked iPhones?

    Being that we’re a real estate company we are emphasizing the colorful euphemism “bricked.” As we’ve done with other flights of fancy—Lego calculator, Tetris calculator—we decided to find out what the world could build with all the outdated iPhones 5 that are just cluttering up people’s junk drawers.

    What did we find? First, let’s get our numbers together. To date, there have been a total of 55,750,000 iPhone 5 units sold. Each of these units have the following dimension, which was vital to our building shenanigans:

    • Height: 4.87 in
    • Width: 2.31 in
    • Depth: 0.30 in

    Armed with the power of measurements, we turned to construction.

    The Most Expensive Bricks Ever

    You Won’t Believe What All The Obsolete iPhone 5 Handsets Could Build image iphone 5You Won’t Believe What All The Obsolete iPhone 5 Handsets Could BuildIf you’re familiar with any of our calculator pieces, we typically take our fantastical units, in this case the obsolete iPhone 5, and turn them into a standard unit of measurement. In this case, our spreadsheeting revealed there are 12 iPhone 5 handsets per square foot. However, what we really needed was to construct a standard unit for our iPhones 5 handsets. Essentially, we needed to create what amounted to a rhombus of iPhones we could theoretically stack on top of one another. This unit measured:

    • 1 foot tall
    • 1 foot wide
    • 8 inches deep

    In other words, our iPhone unit was comprised of 46 bricks—excuse us, iPhone 5 units. With that out of the way, what can we build?

    If You Build It, It Won’t Have Reception

    For this thought experiment, we started simple and then went bonkers. Let’s begin with the easy ones:

    • Wall: It would take 9,200 iPhone 5 handsets to build a 20-foot-wide by 10-foot-tall wall. What are you going to do with this wall? Probably protect yourself from Android-using zombies? We’re willing to take suggestions.
    • House: By our calculations, it would take about 232,796 iPhone 5 handsets to construct a 2,500 square foot iPhone home. We’re sure Steve Jobs would have gotten a kick out of this. You know, after he critiqued every piece of it to make sure it met his standards. Add an iPhone wall for optimal effect.

    You Won’t Believe What All The Obsolete iPhone 5 Handsets Could Build image phonesYou Won’t Believe What All The Obsolete iPhone 5 Handsets Could BuildWhat else did we find, other than learning there are a crap ton of iPhone 5 handsets out there? Surprisingly, there’s a weak link between the iPhone product and Vatican City. Here are some crazy thoughts for you to ponder as you wait in line for the iPhone 5S:

    • If you placed all the iPhone 5 handsets that have been sold next to each other they would cover 40.5 hectares—roughly the size of Vatican City. Does this mean the iPhone 5 is holy? Some might agree.
    • If you stacked all iPhone 5 handsets on top of each other, the resulting structure would be 263.4 miles high—higher than the International Space Station. Ground control to Major Tom, your battery’s low.
    • If you stacked all iPhone 5 handsets length-wise, they would stretch 4,285 miles, which is almost exactly the distance from New York City to Vatican City.
    • If you used all those outdated iPhone 5 handsets to build a city, you’d get 239 homes, each about 2,500 square feet. This would house 956 people, or more than the population of, you guessed it, Vatican City.

    The Next Phone Messiah has Arrived

    Tenuous Papal connections aside, there’s no denying that to some, the iPhone is very much a religion. After all, how else can you explain the willingness of thousands of people to line up for hours outside an Apple Store unless it’s some kind of holy site?

    So, whether you’re queued up on Sept. 20 to snag the latest, greatest Apple smartphone, or simply wondering what all those people lined up inside the mall are doing, we hope our latest bit of fun with math has given you something to think about. And who knows—maybe we’ll be back 12 short months to figure out what can be done with all those soon-to-be-obsolete iPhone 5Ss.

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