Are Women Bad Drivers? [Infographic]

Everyone probably has a story about an experience with a terrible driver — The guys weaving through traffic or that one time that you got rear ended. Are women more to blame for trouble on the road than men?

According to a study from the University of Michigan, 6.5 million crashes happen when both drivers are women. This accounts for 20.5 percent of all crashes. Compare this to the 31.9 percent of accidents with two male drivers and the 47.6 percent of all crashes with both a male and female. Women are 27 percent less likely to cause auto accidents than men.

Typically, men receive more traffic violations than women, especially when it comes to DUI, seatbelt violations and reckless driving. Men have also been found to be more likely to drive 25 mph over the speed limit or get on the roof of a moving car. However, women do have dangerous flaws. Forty-eight percent of women are more likely to use a cell phone while driving and 1/5 of female drivers admit to putting on makeup while driving.

In this infographic, Shift Insurance considers whether or not women can really be labeled as bad drivers by taking a look at how much they contribute to dangers on the road.

Are Women Bad Drivers? [Infographic] image women driversAre Women Bad Drivers? [Infographic]

Source: Shift Insurance

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