Are We Witnessing The Final Years Of SEO?

Are We Witnessing The Final Years Of SEO? image 7965976374 26005bc317 n2Are We Witnessing The Final Years Of SEO?

Forgive me if this post sounds just like another ‘SEO is dead’ statement but it really is becoming hard to ignore the writing on the wall. A lot of big names in the industry are talking more of inbound marketing than of SEO. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand Fishkin talks about this very thing.

You see, I have worked in SEO for 10 years and when it was time for me to start my own company, did I form an SEO consultancy? No I didn’t. SEO is evolving, it is no longer about building links, article and business directories and forum posting. Some might actually say it never was about these things and they could be right. It’s more about creating marketing experiences your customers will love. I created an inbound marketing company.

More and more SEO companies are moving away from calling themselves SEOs and moving into inbound marketing. Is inbound marketing the answer? For now I would have to say yes. This excellent post talks about why inbound marketing is incomplete marketing and the author makes some really good points.

The industry is growing up and SEO has to grow with it.  Inbound marketing is based on creating marketing that your customers will love, not trying to fool your way to number one in Google.  I have always thought that Google does not like SEO and although they will never admit it, they have been trying to mastermind their demise for years.

Why is this happening?

I think Google has to take a lot of the blame here.  For years they have told SEOs that certain tactics are ok, only to move the goal posts years later and penalise sites for doing what they told them to do in the first place.

On the other side of the coin you have black hat SEOs who systematically abused every SEO tactic that ever was. Google would argue that it is these people who have forced them to change what is acceptable because they have abused the rules.

In the minds of many, SEO consultants are just spammers and hackers. For years this has been the opinion of many and I think there is no way this will ever change, so this is why the industry is trying to move away from the name SEO.

A lot of SEOs are still holding on to the past and resent companies who call themselves inbound marketers because perhaps they feel threatened by the inevitable change. They too will have to evolve.

Some will that argue inbound marketing is what a lot of SEOs have been doing for years and I think that’s right, this is what some of the best and cleverest SEOs have been doing since day one. There is however no getting away from the bad name SEO has and always will have.

Inbound marketing or content marketing or whatever you want to call it is here to stay. It is not the final product, no one knows what is. We are still a young industry, a child if you will and children make mistakes. Let us all hope we learn from them.

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