Winning The Competition Through Website Content

Winning The Competition Through Website Content image Winning The Competition Through Website Content 600x436Winning The Competition Through Website Content

They say that first impressions matter, especially for websites. Online businesses are being evaluated in a blink. You only have a few seconds to prove and communicate that your business is just what they need. You have to establish value in the eyes of your users. Otherwise, you will lose the competition.

You could create an amazing website but if they can’t see the value you are providing, then it’s unlikely for you to even be considered as a prospective service provider. The look of the website plays a big role but it’s just the tip of an iceberg!

So, what’s really important?

Give what your users need. In business, it’s called the value proposition. People search for a provider/vendor because they have needs to fulfill; it could be a solution for their problem or an improvement to their present condition. These needs should be met in a satisfactory way.

An important tip is that you need to look at how people go through a decision making process. This process has different stages. These stages are dissected into events of consumer behavior. They have a need, they want to research and evaluate their most suited providers; then they decide to work with the vendor that has the best value proposition! So, if your website is not communicating well during these stages or events of consumer behavior; you will be losing business to a competitor.

Improve the quality of content in your website especially in the homepage and landing pages (child pages or destination pages from Google, Facebook or E-bay), remember not everyone enters your website from the homepage. These could be the pages where people arrive at after they click your link on a search engine results page, a Facebook share or a product link in e-bay. Menu, buttons and sliders should also present the most compelling reason for clients to do business with you.

With proactive content, you will be helping your prospect and existing customer to decide faster in your favor. The more you are keeping up with their needs, the better the chance you will have to outsmart the competition.

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