Wine storage goes digital

A wine cellar isn’t something that can be found in every household, although startups such as Spiral Cellars have aimed to make them a possibility for those without the funds to build their own. Now Seattle-based PHENOL55 is offering those interested in wine a place to store their collection off-site, as well as show it off to guests through the company’s iPad app.

Each customer has the bottles in their collection stored in the correct conditions in its secure climate-controlled cellar. Bottles are also inventoried, photographed and presented in a stylishly-designed digital catalog available through the PHENOL55 app. Users can add their own tasting notes and view professional reviews of each bottle, as well as use the app as a visual menu for visitors. When a bottle has been selected, customers can also order a pick-up or courier service through the app. Membership begins from USD 3.45 per case per month.

PHENOL55 is bringing wine collecting into the 21st century, while also enabling homeowners without the space or money to store their own collection to enjoy the next best thing. What other more traditional pastimes could be given a digital makeover?


Spotted by: Dietfried Globocnik

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