Why Your Website Needs a News Section


For small businesses, managing public perceptions and distributing information quickly and effectively to prospective customers can make a significant difference in the amount of web traffic and name recognition the company can achieve in the local and global community. By incorporating a news section into the company’s website and creating and posting newsworthy press releases for public consumption, small businesses can often improve their overall visibility in the marketplace and ensure that their products and services are recognized by potential investors and buyers. A comprehensive news section incorporating a variety of new and unique content can even help with SEO efforts, as major search engines consider fresh content relevant in their indexing results. 

Archival materials

Incorporating an archive of press releases and media materials can help ensure that important information is available for customers and investors in order to keep a complete record of the company’s history. The historic value of this information can help to establish and enhance the company’s reputation with individuals who may not be familiar with the products and services or the history of the small business.

Current events

Regular and relevant press releases distributed online through companies like PR Newswire help boost the name recognition and reputation of smaller companies. Additionally, search engines index news releases in both the news index and web index results. This can lead directly to increased traffic from online consumers resulting in an increase of leads and revenues for the small business. Additionally, press releases are new and unique content that small business owners can easily add to the news section of their website.

Unique and original content

One of the most important elements in any SEO strategy is to incorporate unique information and original, relevant content into the overall corporate website. The news section of the website is a perfect place to begin, since the information provided there is easily updated and intended to be educational and accurate for customers, the media and investors and typically comprises information not always available in other areas of the website. Company milestones, executive biographical information, media contact details and other factual material can be used to create a lively and interesting news section that will attract new readers to the company’s website.

Diversified media types

The advent of blended search results has made it even more imperative for small business websites to integrate a variety of types of material into their corporate website. Relevant videos, compelling photos and news content are all necessary components of a successful SEO plan. Small businesses can improve their online visibility with a diversified and holistic approach that incorporates video, press releases, images and other types of optimized content on the news section of their website.

By creating a media section that incorporates historical materials, regular press releases and informative content in various media types (videos, photos, text) small businesses easily add new content to their site which will result in greater online visibility and name recognition.  


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