Why Videos Are Essential For Your Tour or Activity Website

Why Videos Are Essential For Your Tour or Activity Website image videos for tours and activitiesWhy Videos Are Essential For Your Tour or Activity Website

When people get online to search the web, they are looking for a more interactive experience these days. In the last few years, the popularity of online videos has increased significantly — YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and there is more than 1 hour of video content uploaded to the site every minute.

As a tour or activity operator, you will certainly want to upload video content to your business website. People will want to experience what you offer before they even reach their destination — give them a glimpse into what their own personal adventure will be like when they arrive.

When it comes down to it there are 2 reasons you should seriously consider adding videos to your tour or activity website:

1. Online Presence: You Get More Visibility

Search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies can be implemented into your video content, so when potential travelers search your relevant keywords your video content will appear in the search results. This allows people to quickly and easily find your website, check out your content and subsequently reserve their spot.

Both business travelers and leisure travelers look for excursions to do when they are traveling, and many people are beginning to rely on online videos to help them make their final decisions about which tour and activity company they will go with in the end. In fact, 62% of travelers watched an online video or commented on an online video as they were searching for activities that were available at their particular destination.

Online videos are the best way to display your product online. Whether you offer double deck bus tours of a bustling city center, or you provide travelers with an opportunity to go sailing and whale watching on the ocean, the online video is the best way to provide visual information to your customers.

Here is a good example from Manly Surf School:

Why Videos Are Essential For Your Tour or Activity Website image videoWhy Videos Are Essential For Your Tour or Activity Website

Customers can quickly and easily digest the information that you have to offer, as all they have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the video you have created. Make sure to create a video complete with high resolution images and quality audio to help make it more enticing.

2. Online Bookings: You Get More Customers

It’s a proven fact that customers will be more likely to reserve a tour or book a spot for an activity when they have a video available to watch on your website. Travelers from all different walks of life who were interviewed for a survey responded that a video helped convince them to book on the spot.

Google and Ipsos MediaCT did a great report last year called The Traveler’s Road to Decision.

Of all those surveyed, 45% of leisure travelers booked instantly after watching a video of the travel activity while 72% of business travelers and 74% of affluent travelers booked upon watching a video as well.

When you take the time to create a quality video that truly showcases how much fun a person will have and shows them everything they will get to see and experience, your customers will be more interested in your business and what you have to offer.

Now that you know how important it is to create and include online videos on your tour or activity website, it’s time to create content that will work for you. The following guideline can help you decide what type of video you should create first.

  • 62% of travelers want to watch videos of tours, sightseeing and cruises (as well as hotel rooms and properties, airlines).
  • 58% of travelers want to watch a video of a trip review from an experienced traveler.
  • 58% of tourists enjoy checking out videos from travel channels.
  • 56% like watching trip reviews from like travelers. For example, leisure travelers like to watch reviews from other leisure travelers as opposed to trip reviews from business travelers.
  • 48% enjoy watching user-generated content as opposed to business-created content.

As a business owner, you should note that travelers do not seem to care about whether a video was created professionally or if it was just created on a mobile phone. Since a lot of people are watching these videos on their mobiles anyway, the important thing is that your videos are able to stream fast so your audience does not lose patience.

Perhaps encourage your customers to create videos while they are on your tour, and ask them to do testimonials. Potential clients will be more apt to trust your customers versus you, and it might be just the thing you need to enhance the multimedia content on your website.

For more information on online marketing for your tour or activity, please download our eBook:

Why Videos Are Essential For Your Tour or Activity Website image a3b5f2d4 e529 4e45 9abb b3cf1754213c2Why Videos Are Essential For Your Tour or Activity Website

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