Why Do Video Production Costs Vary?

Video and animation have traditionally always been ambiguously priced products. Ask three production companies to quote from the same brief and the chances are you’ll end up with three vastly different prices. This shouldn’t be the case…

As with any service industy, quotes will vary, taking into acount many elements, including:

  • The agency’s interpretation of what they think you need.
  • The quality of production kit being used.
  • The duration of time they assume you’ll require to capture and edit your programme.
  • An assumption of how much you’re looking to spend.
  • Their daily rate.
  • How many production staff will be required to deliver your programme.

The list goes on. Frustratingly for the customer, not a great deal of this is tangible and much of it is based upon assumption of your requirements.

Equally frustrating for the production company is the question ‘Can you give me the rough cost of a promotional video?’ It’s a fair question, but not an easy one to answer without the ability to find out:

  • How long it will take to film?
  • How complex might the programme be?
  • Will you require interviews?
  • How many locations do you require filming?
  • How long will the video be in duration?
  • Might you require professional voice over
  • Might animation be useful?

Answers to all the questions above are essential in order to estimate production costs. Armed with such information, a production company can start to build a picture of what your finished programme might look like. Expect a meeting or two to really drill down to what is that you really need. At this point you can expect a much more detailed cost breakdown for your project.

It’s true that the cost of Professional Video Production has dropped as production equipment has reduced. However, be aware that ‘cost effective’ video doesn’t always equal high production standards or the vital technical support that you’ll undoubtedly require for your video to really engage your target audience.

We’ll look later at what you should look out for when choosing a video production company. For now, when considering your project, rather than getting bogged down in the technical detail and production logistics, rather take time to ponder the following:

  • What’s the main aim of this video (is it to sell, train, explain?)
  • What’s the objective (sell more, improve training, explain process?)
  • Who’s the audience (customers, staff?)
  • Where are they likely to watch it (online, social media, on mobile devices?)
  • What are the important points to get across?
  • What information will maintain their interest?

Once you’ve thought about why you’re making the video, you’ll have a much better understanding of what you need. At this point, the right video production company will help you create a programme which engages your target audience, in the right place, with the right message.

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