Why You’ve Been Failing At Sales

Last week I had the honor and privilege of attending the opening dedication ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Library right here in Dallas, Texas.

I walked out with three things:

1. A day I’ll never forget
2. A sunburn
3. Some VERY eye-opening insights into sales and power

Why People Succeed – In Sales and in Life

As I sat there and watched the five living US presidents speak, and observed the many other world leaders and people of power and influence present, something became perfectly clear:

None of these people chase. None of them seek approval. None of them supplicate. None of them EVER give up their power!

I’ve known this for a long time. Many people have written to me, explaining that many of the principles taught in the Never Cold Call Again system, in the module on the psychological aspects of selling, have not only exploded their sales careers, but have vastly improved the personal aspects of their lives.

Parents are finally getting their children to listen. Married couples are enjoying more harmonious relationships with less conflict. Single people are getting dates a whole lot easier.

But it wasn’t until this past Thursday, when I watched some VERY powerful people, that this concept really hit home. Powerful people NEVER chase, seek approval, or supplicate!

Why Salespeople Fail

Salespeople fail for one reason and one reason only – and it’s the opposite of what I just described. It’s because they chase, seek approval from others, and supplicate to prospects!

Everyone has done it: Saying things that give away your power, like, “I’ll be at your beck and call if you’ll trust me with your business.” Or endlessly leaving voicemails that are never returned, or calling those annoying prospects every six months who tell you to call back in another six months – I used to sit near a sales rep who did this each and every morning and it was horrifying!

But the most egregious offense of all, when it comes to giving away your power and letting prospects rule you and decide your fate, is cold calling.

Nothing says desperate, chasing, approval-seeking, and just plain weak more than cold calling does. It shows that youneed a sale, and when you need something, no one wants to give it to you!

I coined a term a few years ago that I remind salespeople constantly: “Those who are chased never want to be caught!” Think of a cat. The only way to get a cat to come to you is to ignore it, or at least pretend to.

And you need to do the same with your ideal sales prospects: You need to “pretend” to ignore them, while using strategic methods to reel them in and get them to BUY!

Do that instead of cold calling, and watch your sales numbers explode and your stress disappear!

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