Why It’s Time to Partner With a Marketing Agency

    By Jonathan Payne | Small Business

    As the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you grow accustomed to doing everything.

    You’re the chief decision maker, accountant, operations manager, HR director…the list goes on and on.

    On top of all that, you know the customer is your most important asset — the lifeblood of your business. You know the needs of the customer should always come first, but the day-to-day struggle of being the owner often makes that impossible.

    Eventually, carrying all the weight starts to hurt your business and you wonder, “Is it time to bring in the big guns?”

    How do you know it’s time to partner with a marketing agency?

    Why It’s Time to Partner With a Marketing Agency image Why Its Time to Partner With a Marketing AgencyWhy It’s Time to Partner With a Marketing Agency

    You’re Lacking In-House Skill Sets

    Nobody is great at everything.

    While tasks might get done with a little elbow grease, your business would run more efficiently and effectively if you were able to hand off projects to people with specialized skill sets.

    For example, technology today allows just about any person to set up a website with minimal effort.

    That doesn’t mean the website will be visually appealing and it’s unlikely the user interface will be designed to convert visitors to new customers.

    Sure, you completed the task, but if it’s not contributing to your bottom line and it’s a bad representation of the quality of your business, what’s the point?

    Marketing Has Gotten Much More Technical

    Designing a new website or executing a six month content marketing strategy is nothing like placing a text ad in the local paper.

    The growing importance of eCommerce, search engine rankings, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing has taken the marketing industry into a more technical direction than it previously was.

    With this marketing evolution comes a need for people who see the big picture and are capable of executing on the small technical tasks which build that big picture.

    Most seasoned business owners are overwhelmed by the rapid marketing changes and trying to master these new marketing channels without help is often an epic fail.

    Know When to Ask for Help

    “Keep pushing forward. Being successful in business is all about persistence.”

    “Put your head down and plow through the tough times.”

    Phrases you hear often…

    Flashback: When Amazon and other online retailers first came onto the scene, many brick-and-mortar businesses assumed it was a fad. They thought persistence would lead them through the oncoming storm that was the Internet and eCommerce.

    Most of those businesses that “just pushed forward” failed.

    I don’t want to downplay the importance of persistence when it comes to operating a business.

    “Pushing forward” is absolutely key to success, but it isn’t the end-all, be-all. Flexibility is also key to success. So is being able to recognize when you’re outmatched. So is knowing when (and who) you should ask for help.

    Sometimes that marketing strategy you’ve been using for the past decade simply isn’t effective anymore — technology changes, economies change, competitive markets change, and your customers change.

    Is It Time to Partner With a Marketing Agency?

    Are you so overloaded with day-to-day tasks that you’re not able to put the customer first?

    Has your go-to marketing strategy stopped working lately?

    Get in touch with Strategexe to schedule a free marketing consultation and take a step into the digital marketing age.

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