Why No Bid Adjustment for Tablets, AdWords?

    By Ryan Turner | Small Business

    Now that Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns are in full swing, why no bid adjustment for tablets, AdWords?

    Here are the 2 most common viewpoints people have discussed.

    1. Behaviour on desktops & tablets are the same
      Over the past few years Google has been crunching numbers, as they are known to do, and they’ve found that a homogenization effect had taken place in regards to how people consume the web. This conclusion is what matters more to Google, and therefore affects all Adwords users. And from an advertising standpoint, the main concern regarding how and how much to spend to advertise on a given device type is not what they are but how they are being used.You now have the ability to control many aspects of your advertising campaigns, including whether the searcher is using a mobile phone device. But Google came to the decision to essentially view tablets and computers as one in the same, citing as an example that most people were using them at home in the evening. By itself, this declaration isn’t a big deal, but since Google considers them the same they’re not giving advertisers the ability to deselect tablets or adjust bids for users on portable tablets.

      From our reading, we can’t agree with this conclusion. Of studies out there that we’ve reviewed, we haven’t seen as solid as a correlation as Google has that tablets and desktops are interchangable. If anything, when comparing the studies against one another, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus either way!

    2. Allowing advertisers to disable tablet bidding would cost Google ad revenue
      By rolling this change in with the Enhanced Update, which contains several nifty features, it just feels like a smokescreen. We’re not saying that some businesses won’t benefit from the added tablet exposure but they shouldn’t be forced into paying for it. We’re also not taking shots at Google for trying to make an extra buck. We get it. All those free lunches aren’t actually free. But it is troubling that an update which was pushed out to make adwords simpler is leaving a lot of people questioning their bottom lines. What are you supposed to do if your ads are seeing a high amount of conversions on desktops but not tablets?

    Whatever the reason, and we decline to simply demonize Google for being profit-driven, the stated purpose of Enhanced Campaigns was to give us more control.

    So Give us More Control!

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