Why You Must Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Welcome to the internet… the land of opportunity and where anyone can start a blog or business of their own from their mother’s basement and become a millionaire a few weeks later!

Well, maybe not… but you get the idea.

Why You Must Focus on Long Tail Keywords image Depositphotos 2039314 XS 300x265Why You Must Focus on Long Tail KeywordsThe internet has completely changed the way people do business online and makes it extremely easy for anyone to create a web site, blog or ad campaign… but how many people are actually finding success with the jobs they start?

Not many… and over 90% of all web sites and blogs fail within the first year… not to mention how many are left for dead after just a few days and weeks!

One of the big reasons why people fail to find success with their businesses and sites online is because they don’t know why they are making sites and if they do, they likely don’t know how to target the right audience.

In this post I’m going to introduce you to the world of long tail keywords and why they are so extremely important to your business.

Don’t know what long tail keywords are? Let me quickly explain:

“Long tail keywords are the longer, more specific keywords that are less common, individually, but add up to account for the majority of search-driven traffic. Long tail keywords are the opposite of “head” terms, which are more popular or more frequently searched on. For example, “fish tanks” is a head term, but “compare prices whisper aquarium filters” is a long-tail keyword.” – WordStream

Enough with the basics… let’s get started with the list!

Long Tail Keywords Work for All Business Models

How many different ways are their to make money online, target your audience and sell products and services to people… a ton! Fortunately long tail keywords will work with every single business model and niche you can think of.

It doesn’t matter if you are building pay per click marketing ad campaigns, focusing on your seo, writing blog content or even link building and using anchor text… long tail keywords can be applied to nearly every facet of online marketing. Stay away from the generics and focus on what people are specifically searching for.

Not Just All Business Models… But All Niches Too

Just like long tail keywords work with many different models of advertising, they can also apply with nearly every possible niche you can think of. Targeting people who are looking for “dentists”? You wouldn’t want to build a generic site on dentists, but instead build your content around their locations, insurance they take, work they do, dental tips. Use these same principles to target long tail keywords for any niche or products you are promoting.

Why You Must Focus on Long Tail Keywords image Dental Insurance Keywords 300x147Why You Must Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords = More Accurate Search Results

Why are long tail keywords so important? Because they are extremely targeted and give people what they want. If you want to learn how to make money on the internet with blogging, you aren’t going to google “make money” you are likely going to search for “best ways to make money blogging”. As you can see, this is even still generic, so going another level deep we can use “make money blogging with affiliate marketing”. The more detailed you get with your keywords, the more related the content your audience is going to find.

Google Loves Long Tail Keywords Tool

If you ever needed a sign that long tail keywords work, just take a look at Google! The next time you are using the search engine, you will see that Google starts filling out the search box for you with more relevant search phrases. You will see the same thing again at the bottom of the search results page where it says “searches related to” and Google actually provides you with more long tail keywords to search through.

Why You Must Focus on Long Tail Keywords image Searches Related ToWhy You Must Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Less Competition + Easier Rankings = More Success!

As you can see, there is a lot to know about using long tail keywords, but the ultimate thing to remember is that LTK have less competition and are easier to rank for in the search engines. If you focus your efforts, content and ad campaigns on drilling down to these niche keywords that people are looking for, you are going to find success.

When people are using long tail keywords in the search engines, they know exactly what they are looking for and most of the time they are in action or buying more.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

Now that we have been talking about long tail keywords for a while, you are probably wondering how you can start finding them. There are plenty of free and premium tools and services out there to help you with the process. I personally use Long Tail Pro (paid) and Google Keyword Tool (free). There are also plenty of analytics and tracking programs that you can use to find how people are accessing your sites through the search results as well, Google will also provide you with many of these tools. As mentioned earlier, you can always use Google search to see what they recommend as well when performing regular searches on their site. It doesn’t matter which tools you use to find long tail keywords, as long as you also perform the necessary research to see what type of search volume and competition each phrase comes along with.

Implement the use of long tail keywords into your web site, blog or ad campaigns and you will find much higher return on investment and conversions with your online business.

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