Why is Mobilizing a Professional Services Firm So Hard?

Why is Mobilizing a Professional Services Firm So Hard? image 271992 l srgb s glWhy is Mobilizing a Professional Services Firm So Hard?The business case to support a comprehensive, powerful, and flexible mobility strategy for professional services is clear, but getting there can be complicated and difficult. You know that leveraging innovative technologies can improve performance.

Historically, for example, many professional services firms have pushed information – emails, alerts, and static reports – out to employees via a corporate-mandated mobile device. With today’s technology, firms can move from the push environment to an interactive one – where employees are connected and engaged all the time, anywhere, on any device.

Immediate Business Value

Mobilizing your enterprise requires getting timely business information, irrespective of source, to your employees when they need it, where they need it, and on the device they prefer – or at least the one they’re using at the moment. For example, suppose management sends out a dynamic report. The lead consultant clicks on it and interacts with the data. Maybe he or she drills down into details to make a decision. The fact-based decision is broadcast immediately to the team for action. No more waiting for next steps or for the lead consultant to get back in the office and log on to the network. Information can be shared, analysis performed, approvals granted, and decisions made now.

Complicated Interconnectivity

While consulting firms have long desired this level of interconnectivity, the technology is only now fully available to support it. Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming mainstream. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi network connectivity and bandwidth is ubiquitous – not just in the office, but literally everywhere, from coffee shops to taxicabs.

However, supporting and managing the collection and delivery of business information to a wide range of wireless devices and operating systems – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, just to name a few – is a complex undertaking. For example, do you have a process to apply necessary and timely OS patches?

You need a platform that can help you coordinate and manage data from multiple applications, servers, and storage systems – one that can securely filter large amounts of data and distribute it safely. And all this must be done with utter confidence that data is secure at all times, using a system that balances rigorous security with easy and trouble-free employee access. Can you enforce security policies established in the provisioning stage? Provide detailed logging and reporting? Historically, these IT challenges have been addressed manually, in an ad hoc fashion.

Today, enterprise mobility platforms allow IT to better manage data flow and ensure rigorous mobile security features for the connectivity of critical information to all employees on any device.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to mobilizing your Professional Services organization?

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