Why Should I Care About My Personal Brand?

Why Should I Care About My Personal Brand? image personal brandWhy Should I Care About My Personal Brand?Hi I’m Joe.

I’m not looking for a new job and my current boss already knows how awesome I am.

These were the two reasons I didn’t used to give a squirt about my ‘personal brand.’ How closed-minded was I?

I have since learnt that a strong personal brand can do far more than win someone a new job. It can also dramatically improve the reputation of any businesses associated with them.

No wonder the boss is always nagging at me to blog more…

People buy people

People buy people, not products. It’s far easier to be won over by someone’s personality than it is by a business’s marketing strategy.

A confident, likeable salesperson will be able to sell most products regardless of quality or their knowledge of how it works. An arrogant, annoying, uneducated salesperson would struggle to sell ten pound notes for a fiver.

That’s the power of personal branding. That’s why Gillette pays Roger Federer millions to promote razors. It’s also why they ripped up their contract with shamed golfer Tiger Woods.

If you’re selling a service, the personal branding of your employees is even more important to potential customers. After all, these are the people who are working directly with them. I wouldn’t hire Chris Huhne as my accountant, no matter how good he was with numbers.

How to build your brand

There are right and wrong ways of building a personal brand and knowing the difference is key to boosting the reputation of both your employer and yourself.

A lot of people seem to think that constantly boasting about their skills and achievements is the best way to do it. Whilst self-promotion is important to an extent, it is far more valuable to SHOW someone how awesome you are.

Rather than boasting about how many followers you’ve got, why not write a blog explaining how to get more? Rather than uploading a photo of your salesman of the month award, consider posting a list of tips explaining how to improve sales.

Deborah Bates understands the importance of a strong personal brand…

She writes at least a couple of blogs a week explaining how to get better at content marketing. Her blogs are published by editors all over the internet because they’re so useful and informative.

Imagine Googling ‘Increasing the shareability of your content on social media’, learning loads of awesome tips and then finding out that Deborah could actually manage your entire content marketing campaign for you! If you needed a company to provide that service, it would no doubt be Deborah’s company that you would call before even checking out the competition.

What can a strong personal brand achieve?

Publishing useful advice on a regular basis, whether on a company blog or via social media channels, can open so many doors for your employer. It depicts you as an intelligent, dedicated, organised employee, and that’s the kind of person that others want to work with.

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