Why You Should Care about Cross-Screen Advertising

    By Alek Flekel | Small Business

    Let’s face it we are addicted to our mobile devices, whether they be smartphones or tablets. As marketers it is our job to have a presence on these devices. There have been multiple studies done that show dollar spending on mobile ads are far less than traditional TV and online campaigns.

    On the other side, you have time spent on mobile devices exceeding the other two. Why separate TV, online, and mobile? Why not implement a strategy that includes all three?

    Most of us use multiple devices simultaneously, for example using your tablet while watching TV. Others may start watching a show on TV, then finishing watching it later on their tablets, and watch previews on their smartphones.

    Engaging with users on all three forums is essential to make the cross screen campaign work. Using hash tags can help create social buzz and lead to trending topics. Also integrating an app with other media channels, such as Shazam can drive mobile traffic.

    Your strategy should include interaction between TV, Mobile, and PC. Think of your consumer’s daily routine and see how you can display ads through all the different devices they use.

    The most important and the most difficult part of cross-screen advertising are measuring its results. Since there are so many media channels to go through, it is tough access all the different databases. For example online cookies do not transfer over to mobile devices or TV, yet. In the coming months and years there will be more and more measurement tools set up.

    Measurement is the most important element to Marketing, if you are doing something that cannot be measured than it is not worth doing to begin with.  You always want to know area’s you can improve and areas where you were successful, having numbers to back it up is even better.

    Along with measurement, testing is crucial to finding the best cross-screen formula. You have to constantly be trying new things, seeing where your engagement is best. Since this is a new phenomenon, trial and error will work best. There are no cookie cutter approaches to cross-screen marketing; ever campaign needs a unique approach.

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