Why Bloggers? The Argument for the Mom Blog

If you’re a Marketing Executive, you’re probably wondering: what’s the big deal?  Why bloggers?  Why do we need blogs?

Blogging is a casual editorial.  An article dressed down.  It can make reports and share information and then it weighs in with an opinion.

They’re there to fill a niche and represent a love or passion – like food, wine and beer blogs.  They’re there to stimulate discussion around new policies and breaking news – like political blogs.  They’re there to follow and comment on all of the latest occurrences – like Kate and William’s new baby – in the baby watcher blogs.

They’re there to influence.  In fact, blogs out weigh social media in consumer influence, placing as the third highest consumer influencer and coming in just behind retail and brand sites.  And in a culture that is used to instantaneous and overwhelming amounts of visual stimulation, a consumer needs to see an ad between 8 and 10 times before they’ll register the product and consider purchasing it.

A blog serves as an interactive advertisement, providing editorial content, a blogger (consumer’s) opinion, a photo of the product, and a direct link to the product’s web page, opening up an opportunity to make a sale.  It allows a consumer to see the product, read about the product and visit the home of the product.  That’s at least three opportunities to register the product in one place.

And, let’s be honest, no one blogs like a mom does.  Aren’t moms just super to begin with?  They do everything and they do it well, so it’s no surprise that their blogs look like a trendy Martha Stewart designed it.  Blogs can look couture, you know.

And moms know everything.  About everything.  So of course they’re going to try all of the latest products and tell you what you need to know.  Is it durable?  Does it last in the wash?  Is it interesting?  Will my kids play with it once or over and over again?  When we want to know the 411, we just check our local mom blog.  And if they don’t have the review – don’t worry – someone else’s mom will.

So if blogs aren’t important for the sake of laughable entertainment, a community of fellow foodies, or intriguing discussion, they’re essential for gauging and directing consumers toward which product is good for the family.

Any good Marketing Executive will tell you that a good product has to be good for the entire family.  And who better to approve?  Mom.  Because moms know best.

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