Why Should You Blog?

Why Should You Blog? image Why Blog1Why Should You Blog?Starting a blog is a terrific way to get your voice heard and position you as a subject matter expert. I typically blog about WordPress Development, and other issues related to startups, and small business.

Blogging does not need to be work-related only. Many people blog for therapeutic reasons, or to keep in touch with family, or about their favorite sports or music. A blog can be many things to the author.

To reap the rewards of blogging you have to be willing to consistently share your passion about a desired topic. Although we are WordPress biased, the platform from which you publish your content is less important than you being willing to put forth the effort of blogging. I am not going to kid you, running a successful blog is a lot of work. A lot of work.

If you ask any successful blogger how often they post, most will say 2-3 times a week, and others will say every day. If you ask why? They will say because that’s what I need to in order for success.

What are the rewards of blogging

• Positioning: If your blog’s content is of high quality, you will be positioned as a subject matter expert and a go to person in your vertical (or within your desired topic.)

• Search Engine Results: Google loves blogs. Blog content is fresh, and Google loves updated site for assist with their recency result efforts. Mind you, the content has to be of high quality and of interest to people who are looking for articles of this nature.

• Traffic: With good search results and an audience comes higher web traffic. They go hand in hand, and you always want to keep a tab on how many people are visiting your site.

• Leads & Opportunities: WIth all the above in play, you may receive business leads, speaking opportunities and the ability to expand your network. The best leads come from people who read your blog. They know who you are, what you are about and how well you do it. Sometimes, these will be few and far between, but these will usually be qualified leads.

The is a lot that goes into a successful blog. (Article: Pillars of a Successful Blog) The best thing to do is to get started right away. Waiting until you know exactly what you are doing is a mistake. Start blogging, navigate the waters, create content for your audience and most of all — stick to it.

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