Why Are Antioxidants Important? [Infographic]

Many of us associate free radicals with wrinkles and premature ageing, not stopping to consider the more serious effects which can occur if they get a hold of the delicate balance in our bodies. From the sun, to antibiotics, drinking, smoking and eating processed foods, there are many everyday elements that can contribute to free radicals forming, but the good news is, you can prevent free radicals taking hold by changing your lifestyle and thinking about what you put into your body. Antioxidants can fight free radicals and prevent them forming in the first place and best of all, they can be found everywhere. From coffee, to apples, to blueberries, kidney beans and nuts, staying away from processed food and embracing a new healthy lifestyle can go a long way in the fight against free radicals. By wearing sunscreen and staying away from polluted environments you can also strengthen your defences and reduce your chances of many diseases connected to free radicals such as cancer. Considering 85% of degenerative diseases could be caused by free radicals, thousands of people die from cancer each year and unprotected skin ages 24 times faster than protected, there are many great reasons to fight free radicals – it could save your life.

This infographic from SpaceNK looks at the stats:

Why Are Antioxidants Important? [Infographic] image Antioxidant Infographic SpaceNK webWhy Are Antioxidants Important? [Infographic]Source: http://uk.spacenk.com/2013-Week20-Antioxidants.html

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