How The Wedding Planning Industry Can Use Content Marketing

    By Adam Dukes | Small Business

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    How The Wedding Planning Industry Can Use Content Marketing image How The Wedding Planning Industry Can Use Content MarketingHow The Wedding Planning Industry Can Use Content Marketing

    I had a lady contact me recently who needed some help marketing her business. She is a bridal hair & make-up stylist here in Las Vegas. She informed me that this city has 10,000 weddings a month. Yes, a month. Insane.

    Upon doing some research over the weekend, I wrote her a lengthy email earlier today. I figured I should turn it into a blog post as I know it’ll help anyone in the wedding industry, especially wedding planners. Since I am on a mission to blog every weekday in the month of December, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share how content marketing can work in the wedding industry.

    Here are the 4 ideas I suggested to her, along with a bonus tip;

    1. Twitter

    This is an excellent tool to reach out and connect one-to-one with potential customers. I would use twitter search for women talking about wedding planning . The search strings I would search for would be things like;

    Wedding planning

    Planning my wedding

    Wedding plans

    I’m getting married

    Just got engaged

    These are just a few of the ideas, but know a you could come up with plenty more being in the industry. You can search by zip code and narrow it down to your city. If you are in a wedding destination city, like Vegas, you could probably search nationwide (or Worldwide), as some might be looking to get married elsewhere (outside their hometown).

    I recently wrote a blog post describing how to use the search feature on Twitter, you can read it here.

    2. Free guide

    This is something I think that would work very well in this industry. I’d create a guide titled something like…

    “Thinking About Getting Married in [YOUR CITY]?
    ___ Steps To A Head-Ache Free Wedding”

    Create a resource guide on what to do (and what not to do) in planning a “Head-Ache Free” wedding. I would reach out to bridal stores, photographers, limo companies, florists, DJs, travel agencies (honeymoon), etc and get tips from each of them. Let them know you are putting a guide together and work out some type of partnership.

    You offer this guide in exchange for their name/email address. Once they sign up for a free guide they are now added into your email software solution. You can then follow up with these potential customers via email. This can all be hands-free with marketing automation. This positions you as a trusted resource and not someone trying to sell something (initially).

    This is how content marketing works. You are offering value upfront before asking for the sale. This does 2 things — they trust you as you have helped them with a valuable guide and they are getting to know you with the emails you are sending them. Again, these emails can all be automated.

    3. Facebook Advertising

    It is very difficult to sell directly from Facebook, it certainly is a science. Most business owners try and use Facebook ads to sell to someone that has never heard of them (or their business). People are not on Facebook with their credit card in hand, ready to buy. They are using Facebook to be social and entertained. There is a science to successfully selling via Facebook, but I would start with offering value (free guide) first and get them in your marketing funnel.

    You could target your ads to women, by zipcode and who have recently got engaged. Now if a woman is on Facebook, who recently got engaged and came across a guide (in her newsfeed) titled

    “Thinking About Getting Married in [YOUR CITY]?
    ___ Steps To A Head-Ache Free Wedding”

    You don’t think that would catch her eye? If the guide was titled appropriately, there is no doubt she would be interested in something like this. She would feel you were talking to her specifically and that is how good marketing works. She would love you because it was something she probably has been looking for, but couldn’t find. You answered her prayers and she is going to hire you because you came to the rescue.

    Obviously, a wedding is a BIG day, and everyone wants it to go as planned. By offering this guide, on how to plan a “head-ache free” wedding, you are gaining their trust because you are helping them. Like Jay Baer says, “smart marketing is about help, not hype”. Help them first and they will spend (more) money with you. If the guide is helpful, they will most likely share the guide with their friends. More business for you.

    4. Create content

    This is something I think every business should have — a blog. I am sure brides have hundreds of questions about their big day and most likely use Google to search for the answers. Your website should be a valuable resource for anyone looking to get married. The beauty of a blog is that it works 24/7/365. So when that lady is frantically searching Google at 2 am for an answer, your content shows up.

    Here are some ideas of content you could create;

    • Answer common questions
    • What to look for when looking for a wedding planner/DJ/stylist/photography
    • How to find the perfect wedding chapel/church/hall
    • Pictures of past weddings you’ve planned (also good for Facebook/Pinterest)
    • Videos of past weddings you’ve planned (also good for YouTube/Facebook)

    I am sure you could come up with 30 or 40 more ideas, I just wanted to “scratch the surface”.

    I’ve never planned a wedding :)

    5. Pinterest

    I didn’t include this in my email to the lady, but this is a great platform to tell your story as a wedding planner.

    Here are some good blog posts on using Pinterest;

    How To Use Pinterest to Promote Your Wedding Business

    Become a Top Wedding Planner — Use Pinterest to Drive Brides to Your Blog

    Using Pinterest to Promote Your Wedding Business


    By creating helpful content for your audience, you are building trust before they contact you. More and more people are doing research before making a sales decision, why not position your business at the market leader? Why not answer those questions for them?

    By adapting content marketing for your wedding planning business, you are attracting customers to you, which means you can charge more. You can also hand pick who you work with.

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