Website and mobile app help users manage their perks

Several years back we covered Australian Perkler, a site dedicated to helping consumers manage the perks they receive from various loyalty programs. Fast forward to today, and it looks like the idea still has merit, as evidenced by the recent launch of Larky.

With a like-minded website and a free mobile app for iOS, Michigan-based Larky aims to help users get all the perks and discounts they deserve from organizations like the AAA, AARP and USAA as well as professional associations, credit cards, shopping clubs and more. Toward that end, a customized “perks dashboard” displays all the user’s perks across all memberships and makes it easy to find and use relevant discounts. Larky’s iPhone app, meanwhile, sends an alert whenever the user is eligible for a nearby discount, and uncovers hidden ways to save. No member numbers or passwords are required.

An Android app is coming soon, as is a browser plug-in, Larky says. Meanwhile, the company welcomes inquiries from both membership organizations and merchants. Loyalty-minded entrepreneurs: one to get involved in?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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