Ways To Show Your Customers Love – Valentine’s Day Business Ideas

    By Kristin Lynn Steward | Small Business

    Valentine’s Day is traditionally known as a day to celebrate the love between two people, but as a business owner or manager, this holiday offers an opportunity for your customers or clients to feel the love that you have for your ongoing business relationship. There are several ways that you can successfully accomplish this without the risk of being tacky.  Just think of how you would show your significant other your love and tailor it accordingly for your customer. In the past, there have been many ways in which gratitude had been shown from multiple local businesses. A few ways in which those businesses showed their appreciation were thoughtful and creative.

    • Valentine’s Day Cards – Shutterfly cards can be custom made using photos of your products, staff or anything else appropriate with a message like “We Love Your Business” or “I Hope Our Working Relationship Continues to Grow”.
    • Host a Luncheon – Invite your best client or customer to your office for a Panera Bread catered lunch just for them. This could be for one person or an entire staff. Give a special discount on your services for the month printed on a Valentine’s Day Card or free product samples wrapped with Valentine’s Day festive paper.
    • A Box of Custom Candy – Send your clients or customers a specially packaged box of chocolates with your logo on the box and even embossed on the candy itself. Chocri is an online confectioner where you can chocolate bars to spread many thanks to your premium customers.
    • Send Flowers – It is traditional and common but flowers sent to an office to decorate the reception area always appreciated. The key is to make them different. Teleflora offers plenty of Valentine’s Day flowers that are very festive while still business appropriate.
    • Host a Getaway – Southwest Airlines continues to offer great “Wanna Get Away” deals to hundreds of location. Host a competition for a period of time to gain the loyalty of many customers. You will begin to see familiar faces. For those loyal customers, have a prize of a romantic 3 day, 2 night vacation throughout the Valentine’s Day holiday. This is a great way to continue to keep customers year round.

    By remembering a customer on a day other than Christmas shows that you really consider the importance of your relationship at all times of the year. It will help to maintain a bond through good times and those that are more trying.

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