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u000a u000a I'm on a mission. I want to improve the longevity and financial viability of our nation's startups. It can be done. u000a Startups matter -- not just to business founders who invest a sizable percentage of their net worths into their businesses, but to their local economies too. When new businesses prosper, they hire local lawyers, bookkeepers, web designers, and IT consultants. They share their wealth in productive ways that boost a community's wages, productivity and employment. u000a Most people know that the small business community consistently generates up to 80% of the nation's new jobs. Guess what segment of the greater small business community is the real sweet spot for new job generation? It's you! u000a Startups and young companies up to 5 years old are the only sector of the U.S. economy that historically creates lasting jobs. Large corporations and the upper end of the small business community tend to shed jobs through layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, or international outsourcing. u000a In partnership with Yahoo! Small Business, Susan's Startup Incubator will present information and action steps to help more entrepreneurs start businesses from a point of financial strength and confidence. But that's not all. We want more companies to flourish as financially successful businesses too. u000a For the last eight years I've studied why young companies fail. Why is it that one-third of companies shut down within the first two years of startup? u000a I agree that these statistics are sobering, however the good news is most of the reasons for fast startup failure are entirely preventable. Plus, entrepreneurs don't have to have an MBA or a degree from an elite college to be a successful business owner. It's more about what startup entrepreneurs do or fail to do during their first year of operations that dictates their fate. u000a On an ongoing basis, I'll add articles that address the most common and costly gotchas, blunders, regrets and areas of misunderstanding that affect short-term and long-term business viability to our online incubator. This will also be the place where you can at last learn about finance. I'll make it easy for you to take steady steps forward. Afterall, there is nothing about fundraising or managing your company's money that is beyond your capabilities. Believe it! u000a If you have a question, reach out to me. Entrepreneurs who take command of their businesses are never too proud to ask for help. They know that good questions don't lessen their authority but help them make choices that are more likely to lead to growing cash generation. That's success for you and your home town. u000a Susan Schreter is a 20-year veteran of the venture finance community, MBA-level educator and policy advocate for small business owners. Her work is dedicated to improving startup operating performance with reduced personal risk to entrepreneurs. She is the founder of , which offers the largest centralized database of regional and national small business funding sources in the U.S., including angel clubs, micro-finance lenders, venture capital funds and more. Follow Susan on Twitter @TakeCommand u000a u000a

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