In Washington DC, receipts come printed with the latest headlines

In a world where news stories break rapidly, stepping away from the internet for even a short time can leave people out of the loop. We’ve already seen Y&R Dubai print the latest headlines on coffee cup sleeves, and now the Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington DC is providing up-to-date news slips alongside its receipts.

Dubbed The Latest News, the slips will be delivered to customers alongside the receipt for their meal and will detail the stories that broke in the duration of their visit. Servers connected to the printing devices update with Associated Press articles every two minutes to ensure the stories are fresh. Teaming up with Print Signal, the restaurant hopes to provide a new way of disseminating news on paper, given that printing facilities are already in place in any establishment that offers printed receipts. As Ebbitt’s managing director David Moran explains: “We’ve got thousands of news-hungry Washingtonians coming to lunch, so we’re giving The Latest News a shot.”

If the scheme is successful, the eatery believes it could be an idea that could spread. Retailers – could this work for your business?


Spotted by: Jim Stewart

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