The Warmth of Video Calls

When there were emails, people were so happy because mail was no longer snail mail. There came more assurance that the person whom the letter is addressed to will really be the one to receive it. Months of anticipation for a reply became a matter of days or minutes. Then there came the live chat like Yahoo Messenger and so people can expect to receive a prompt and instant answer to their messages as long their recipients are online.

They are fast enough, but still not warm enough even with emoticons and avatars. You could imagine a very lonely and sad person with thousands of Facebook friends but none of them could physically be there in that critical moment. But with video calls, like Google HangOuts and Skype, people can speak to each other as if they are face to face. People can see if the person they are talking to is already crying or jumping with joy or smirking. That’s a lot more real than emoticons.

People were fulfilling their basic communication needs through emails and chat so why do they still need to see whom they are talking to? For me video calls just have this warmth and makes it better talking to a device or a gadget.

The Samsung Galaxy X III’s first advertisement says that it is ‘designed for humans’. For me, it brought a sigh of relief. Finally, someone thought that up. It’s the devices and machines that are supposed to be more human not humans becoming more like machines.

The Warmth of Video Calls image video call 300x222The Warmth of Video CallsAccordingly, the reason why Samsung’s Galaxy X III is designed for humans is because it ‘recognizes who you are’, ‘it follows your every move, sees your best side’ with the face detection feature and camera. Finally, ‘it waits ‘till you’re asleep’ with the camera keeping track if your eyes are closed.

But I believe that the first ever acknowledgment of customer’s humanness is with the touch screen technology. I tried punching on typewriters, then on keyboards and then on tiny cell phone keypads and they are as inhuman as metal hospital beds.

Businesses should now also have a human face. After all, its humans that run them and clients or customers are humans too. Businesses can be more human by maximizing the warmth of video calls. Just imagine talking to your customer as if you are face to face. You can smile; you can show your office in the background, you can show your products without the hassle of having to describe or you can do demonstrations.  Showing your face to customers also help build up your credibility. A business person who doesn’t have anything to hide is not afraid to show his or her face.

How? Service providers abound online. Somehow, everything is already connected. Your smart phone can be connected to your desktop computer or even directly to the office printer. You can meet your partners even without travelling through video conferencing.

There are business establishments that offer services which allow you to do a video conference in style like they give you the feel that you are just in the same room with life size monitors, quality sound and uniform backgrounds.

If you prefer, there are service providers that will bring video conferencing technology right at your office or even at your home.

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