Want to Send a Stellar Email? The Secret is in These 5 Steps

    By Joy Ugi | Small Business

    Want to Send a Stellar Email? The Secret is in These 5 Steps image readyWant to Send a Stellar Email? The Secret is in These 5 StepsSome people would say I take sending an email a little too seriously.

    They’re probably right. I’m obsessed with sending only the best messages to people, whether it’s a marketing email or just a regular old reply in my Gmail inbox. Email is the most powerful communications channel today. Send a good message, make a good impression. Send a bad message, make an arch-enemy.

    With that in mind, I thought I’d share my five secrets to send a stellar email.

    1. No rushing allowed

    If your marketing is anything like mine, you’re sending out one or two main emails a week. Those are important messages going to customers, prospects or both. Put time into them. I start creating our weekly newsletter a week before it goes out: Planning the content, reaching out to internal contributors, choosing images, and honing the copy to perfection. When I think it’s ready, I ask myself: Does this email appeal primarily to me or to my subscribers? If it’s the former, I change it to the latter.

    Starting to put your marketing emails together early will allow you to create a timely, relevant message that will appeal to subscribers. It will also give you time to complete the other six steps.

    2. Proofread it

    Whether it’s a marketing email, a reply to a customer request, or an internal shout-out to the team, it pays to proofread. There are a variety of checklists available to help you weed out misspellings, grammatical issues and other errors (my hero is Grammar Girl). Find one and use it. Proofreading will help you avoid sending a sheepish correction email when you’ve messed up – and we’ve all unwillingly been there.

    3. Have other people proofread it

    Did you think you were done with checking for errors? Technically you are, but it’s time to enlist the help of friends and colleagues. You know as well as I do when you’re looking at copy too long, your eyes tend to glaze over. Other people will be able to pick out mistakes you missed. My sister and I routinely read each other drafts of work and personal correspondences; most of the time, we find glaring blunders the other missed.

    For marketing emails, I employ a taskforce of colleagues from various departments to preview what I’ve put together. They often shoot back valuable insight and improvements – they’re the best!

    4. Test is multiple times on multiple devices

    Before I hit the send button on any marketing email, I make sure to look at a live test version. And although our platform has the capability to update links once an email is sent, I still click every single linked item in the test email. I re-read the copy, check to make sure included dates are correct, and hover over images to ensure alt text is present.

    Thankfully, our wonderful design and campaign production services team produced a responsive design for our marketing emails. That means I can design the HTML, and it will convert to a different, mobile-friendly design when I view it on my iPhone. However, I always make sure to look at the design on my phone to make sure images and copy are showing up as they’re supposed to.

    Taking the time to make sure everything displays properly and works right is just plain polite.

    5. Ask for help

    Repeat after me: You can’t do everything. If you’re anything like me, you want to figure out why that image won’t load or why your list disappeared or how to implement a cool new template all on your own. But if you can’t figure it out and that marketing email sends, subscribers may feel subconsciously slighted.

    A significant part of email etiquette – and life – is knowing when you can’t do something and asking for help. My team can tell you I do it all the time. They are much smarter than I am in many areas, and leveraging their knowledge compliments them.

    Many of these experiences I’ve had to learn the hard way, over a long time of sending. If these tips help just one person pause and commit to send better emails, I’ll consider my mission accomplished.

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