Want Friends? Be A Friend. My Go-To Social Media Advice

Want Friends? Be A Friend. My Go To Social Media Advice image 5734161553 b44bb2d508 mguru logoIf you want to have friends, be a friend.

Social media, by its very nomenclature, is social. For a relationship to exist there needs to be reciprocity.

Do you have a Facebook Page? Log in as your page and like other pages.

Do you have friends on Facebook, blogs you read, Circles of Friends on G+? Spend some time reading and commenting on other posts and photos.

Why comment when you can just “like” a post?

In many ways, clicking “like” is akin to seeing a friend across a room and smiling and waving.

There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s rather pleasant.

But you won’t grow your relationship unless you start talking to each other. In fact, the other person may even come to resent or just ignore you.

That’s where commenting comes in.

Why not just try it? What could you possibly lose? I believe that you’ll notice a spike in activity as a natural, organic result of “friendly” behavior.

Guru Lesson: If you want friends, you have to be a friend.

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