In the wake of Fukushima, radiation-proof underwear


Since the devastating earthquake and subsequent nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in Japan in 2011, the country has been hard at work developing ideas to help its citizens in case a similar catastrophe happens — whether it’s emergency food by subscription or a radiation-detecting smartphone. Now the Yamamoto Corporation has created an underwear and swimsuit set that is made of fabric that can block out the harmful effects of radiation.

Made of a special synthetic rubber material, the range is designed both for workers who may be exposed to beta and gamma rays as part of their job and citizens still concerned about the radiation released in the region of the power plant. The underwear consists of an unusual shape that is designed to protect the lower abdomen and parts of the spine that are susceptible to gamma rays. The wetsuit fabric meanwhile is fortified with carbon to block beta rays that are especially present in radiation-contaminated water, and is doubly protected around the feet and ankles. Despite their heavy duty capabilities, the items are flexible and lightweight, enabling workers to carry out their duties easily and safely.

According to Kotaku, the clothes will be available to buy in November, with the wetsuit priced at JPY 105,000 and the underwear at JPY 80,850. Could clothing be adapted to help citizens survive in the wake of other types of natural disaster?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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