The Virtual + Visual: Paint Your Home Online

Home goods faced a serious problem when we all got online. After all, products like textiles and paints relied on the ability for the consumer to look and touch to be persuaded into buying. The reality was that these products and the brands that represented them had to come up with a way for consumers to design their homes online. And tools were built, optimized and refined to what they are today.

Paint brands allow you to actually download photos of your home and virtually paint the walls whatever color you like. There is, of course, the option to choose from hundreds of stock-like images as well. It allows you to play with color without purchasing the wrong one, taking it home and being disappointed. Looking for complementary colors? Well, they’ve got you covered there too.

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Additionally, paint brands have developed mobile apps that allow you to take photos of an object and match a paint color. Additional information that can be found on these home material sites are painting how-to videos, tips, safety data and support for builders as well as consumers. So what is the future for these brands? Aside from the potential for mobile domination with additional tools on apps, augmented reality (AR) is going to open up a lot of opportunity. As more tools are developed, it’s obvious that it is the future of retail marketing. Homebuyers are already using the technology to explore potential houses and their neighborhoods. An app that would virtually decorate and paint your home using AR, then save all the materials needed and let you buy them within the app could be an extremely powerful tool. Realty companies are already using AR tools to help consumers make housing purchase decisions:

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In order to create the best interactive website, mobile apps, augmented reality tools and more, paint brands must first leverage consumer data. What is it that consumers want most out of their paint? Perhaps they want to save time by not having to apply a base coat. Perhaps they want their paint to be recyclable, pet and child-friendly, easy to clean or just plain durable. Perhaps richness of color is the most important. Whatever the case may be, each brand will have to develop an AR and digital strategy that targets their perfect consumer.

Here’s a simple example: if your paint brand is more expensive than most, your target audience is probably one that would be concerned with quality over price. Therefore, that brand might consider developing a virtual experience that caters to individuals who own a home or multiple homes, who have a deeper interest in design aesthetics and individuals with fewer pets and children. A value brand paint might consider targeting young people or families, who want to add color to their walls without a huge investment, or who will feasibly need to touch-up the walls often. In this way, the creative can echo the consumer data and provide the best engagement with the app, site or ads.

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