Virtual Team Building

Online Team Building

Working towards a common goal, teams traditionally work together in the same place and at the same time. In today’s global economy, a product development team could easily be spread across the nation or the world. Advancements in the online world have made virtual team building not only possible but practical. With online team building communicating over the Internet and intranet, your product development team can:

1. Fascilitate internal communications on specific topics

2. Put forth ideas and solicit opinions

3. Solicit comments

4. Bolster creativity

Innovation through a virtual team

1. An online strategy can benefit the creative process in many ways. Individual ideas can be sent to a publicly accessible suggestion box.

Concept mapping in a virtual meeting

1. One of the most engaging development techniques is concept mapping, now possible online. Using conference software such as Microsoft’s Net Meeting to brainstorm new product development.

Working with advisory councils online

1. The internet is great for brining advisory groups to get consumer reaction to a new product or marketing direction. You can use the Internet to find out what your customers really want. Certain industries are more market driven than others.

Online project management

1. The more multi-faceted you are on a project, the more difficult it is to manage. Project management software goes a long way toward putting all the factors and variables in a cohesive format. Depending on the sophistication of the particular project management software, you can view the schedule for yourself or other members of the team in a timed basis.

Using virtual offices

1. A virtual office can be set up for any configuration of in house personnel, clients, or potential clients however it is very effective when used in a team situation. Online meetings can be scheduled as needed and held within the virtual office.

Setting up a typical virtual office is straightforward. I would recommend utilizing Instant! Team Room software from Lotus.

Training through technology.

Local Presentations. Playback and interaction are immediate, after the files are transferred. The multimedia content can be updated at a single source. Instructional material can be reviewed by the user repeatedly. Many presentations utilize a slide show metaphor. Microsoft NetShow is an excellent program for incorporating this type of presentation. Distance learning can handle training on highly sophisticated applications.

Streaming Audio and Video

Streaming media makes live real time broadcasts over the web possible. Although the quality may not be the best, it is improving by leaps and bounds with each new release.

Lucent Technologies is a big believer in streaming media. Lucent utilizes real audio to enhance its corporate communications and add depth to regular text announcements.

Teleconferencing with the web.

One of the complaints about computer based or web based instruction is the lack of a human touch. Remote based training generally takes one of two approaches.

Corporate communications. Employee orientation is needed as the enterprise grows so the amount of information each employee needs to function is properly utilized. An intranet is a wonderful tool for gathering, storing and retrieving information. Conveying strategy to your company has become a more obtainable reality thanks to intranet based information.

Virtual Classrooms

Distance learning has many advocates in academic circles. With online learning comes online testing. Many of the distance learning solutions offer some form of evaluation. One key advantage of online testing is designed for multiple choice selections.

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