How to Make Your Videos Visible on Search Engines

Utilizing video in your marketing strategy is more work than what meets the eye. Videos are an great way to draw attention to your brand and encourage users to try your product.

What most don’t realize is that marketing goes beyond where you promote your video, as it is also involves a strategic SEO strategy in order to build upon your brand’s overall searchability. When you implement your next video campaign in 2014, here are some SEO pointers you’ll need to know about in order to fully optimize your next video marketing campaign.


Utilizing backlinks is an exceptional way to build credibility to your website or even an informational article. Once you have your video produced and hosted online, you will be provided with a shareable link.  To encourage backlinks, you’ll need to organically spread this link online to generate others’ to link back to your video. Here’s some strategies to do so:

  • Create an informative blog post about your video and link to relevant sites for guidance

  • Post your video on social media sites and industry related communities in Google+ (more people are utilizing Google+ as the leading source for shareable content).

Go beyond Social Media

Make sure to submit your video everywhere. To help, here are some video sharing sites to get you started:

Video Sitemap

Every website has a sitemap. This map is how search engines determine what your website is about. Even though videos are optimal for increasing page ranks, they are not included in your website’s sitemap. Unless you sitemap your video, Google will not even know that it exists.

Most hosting platforms offer video sitemap assistance, so it’s very easy to integrate this feature onto your new and old videos. Here’s some more information from Google about creating a video sitemap.

To fully optimize upon video SEO, it’s recommended to not host your videos on public sharing domains, such as Vimeo or YouTube, as the link credit only returns to those sites. If you are still searching for a video host, then I highly recommend using Wistia, which also offers Wistia’s Video SEO tool and integrates directly with WordPress.

Once your video is site-mapped, a small video snippet will appear next to your post in Google searches, encouraging even more users to want to click onto your post.

How to Make Your Videos Visible on Search Engines image RP1 300x118How to Make Your Videos Visible on Search Engines

Strong SEO Title and Description

If you are familiar with SEO, then you most likely understand the value of a strong page title. Most page titles that rank the highest are often worded with strong keywords or phrases that reach the people who want your information. Once you post your video onto the hosting website, make sure to create a clear and informative title that will attract your target market.

How to Make Your Videos Visible on Search Engines image RP2 300x158How to Make Your Videos Visible on Search Engines

Here are some additional ways to ensure that set for your video for optimal SEO results

  • Making sure to include an eye-catching video thumbnail that is also relevant to your subject.

  • Submit your video RSS to sites for sharing as well as allow the embed code so people can share and embed the video on their own site.

All is takes are a few extra steps in your marketing efforts that help you gain more exposure to people that matter most to your business.

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