Get Your Video Seen: Why SEO And Video Distribution Are Important

Get Your Video Seen: Why SEO And Video Distribution Are Important image seo1Get Your Video Seen: Why SEO And Video Distribution Are Important

While the content and production of any given web video are important facets to its overall success, if the finished product lacks proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a solid distribution plan, it could very well end up seen by only a few. It’s exciting to consider the excitement and fan enthusiasm surrounding web video as more than 1 billion unique visitors peruse and take in the content on YouTube every single month. More than 4 billion hours of video are watched during that same month and 72 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute, according to YouTube’s own statistics.

These stats mean a couple of things: YouTube is a great destination for posting video, because it’s an accessible and very popular place to visit on the web. In fact, it’s the fourth most visited site, behind only Google, Facebook, and Yahoo! and the second largest search engine aside from Google. Having a web video presence on YouTube is an important and strategic move for companies. But these statistics also mean that there’s so much content alive on YouTube that it can be difficult to ensure views, making it likely that your video will get lost in the gigantic visual mix. Many YouTube videos get seen just a couple times or not at all.

So how do you ensure your video gets seen? According to Matt Ballek, Magnet’s Director of Distribution Services, proper SEO is crucial in order to enable viewers to find your content. It’s all about properly describing the video, and using appropriate wording, which Ballek compares to labeling a can of food in order to provide its ingredients, share its benefits, and describe its flavor. He gives useful tips on how to perform SEO on his website VidiSEO, giving out his YouTube SEO Guide to users and allowing them to take in and understand the importance of the practice.

For additional understanding, in video form, a recent episode of our weekly Magnet Minute YouTube program describes 5 Ways in which you can optimize your YouTube videos and channel. And the very helpful blog SEO Moz makes a great argument as to why SEO is important.

In addition to that, there needs to be a video distribution plan for your video, beyond just uploading it to a company site or shooting it out across your various social media accounts. With the help of a distribution service or professional, you can target and reach your specific audience in order to ensure those you want to see your video, actually do see your video.

“Whatever the content is, it has to be tagged and coded and described appropriately and then pushed out, in addition to their own website, whether it’s being pushed out through content syndicators…or any of the companies that are out there to help push it out to the audience that you want to have find it. The best, highly produced video sitting on YouTube or on a firm’s own site that’s only getting 50 views, that’s worth nothing,” said Linda Orton, Vid4Pro and Intelligent Video Solutions President and Founder.

The likelihood of your video being shared on consumers’ social networks increases exponentially with proper SEO and good distribution. And social sharing is an important aspect of a web video’s overall success, as we’ve written about previously. It has a significant impact on the success of a campaign, especially when the videos are shared in the first days of a video’s release.

Bottom line: don’t just make a really great video and then hope it gets seen. Make sure it gets seen by taking all necessary steps toward its surfacing atop the deluge of billions of online videos.

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