What Video Equipment Do I Need to Make Tourism Videos?

By using video, you can connect with potential tourists by highlighting your destination, what’s unique about the location, and how to get started lining up a trip. Now your audience can explore these potential trips with more than photos—using engaging video. And the even better news is that you can create high quality videos on a relatively low budget.

We’ll provide you with the basic necessities you’ll need to get started creating videos that highlight your town, hotel, island, golf course, or theme park. Whatever it is, video will help you showcase the best.

DSLR CameraWhat Video Equipment Do I Need to Make Tourism Videos? image photo 15What Video Equipment Do I Need to Make Tourism Videos?
The digital single-lens reflex camera—DSLR—is becoming increasingly popular for creating videos. While you won’t have quite as many video features with a DSLR as you would with a true camcorder, you get an extremely high-quality shot, which is perfect for short, informative videos about your location. The Canon 60D is a representative camera in this category. And, after purchasing a camera in this price range, you can upgrade in the future with a better lens for even higher quality video.

While DSLRs are a great option, investing in a camcorder might be better if you’re not interested in fussing with the various settings you have to manually change. Nearly all camcorders have an auto mode, which allows you to hit the record button and it will adjust lighting, focus, and white balance automatically.

Smartphone Tricks
You don’t have to invest in a really expensive camera to get started making videos. You can get some great shots on your iPhone or smartphone. Most have 1080p video recording. However, you still need to get good audio, and that can be difficult. So, it’s worth investing in an external microphone that’s compatible with your device to get the best sound quality.

Lighting Options
To get the best shots possible, you’ll also want to invest in a lighting kit of some sort. Especially if you’ll be shooting inside. For the best cost, choose between a tungsten or an LED kit. Tungsten lighting kits are more affordable, but they can get very hot, making it uncomfortable for all in the room. LED kits are smaller and more portable, but you do not get as much light.

Tripods, Mounts & Stabilization
Investing in a tripod and/or a shoulder mount will help you create professional-looking videos, making each shot smoother and more engaging for the audience. If you’re new to video, a good tripod and a good mount like the Redrock Micro Shoulder Mount are great tools. Manfrotto is a great brand for tripod needs on just about any budget.

Bottom Line: Using video is a great way to attract more tourists. Videos are quick to watch, fairly quick to make, and they can generate leads, potentially leading them to your website to learn more or to even decide to visit the destination itself. Best part: you’ll have fun creating videos that represent your location best.

For more video equipment suggestions this holiday season download our Santa’s Cheatsheet for Video Production Equipment (did we mention it’s free?).

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